Monday, May 6, 2013

Good evening blogging friends.

This evening I want to share a few touches of pink with you. 
Somehow pink is a happy color to me, perhaps it is because it always reminds me of my mother.
I wanted to share this picture of my daughter's front porch.  She lives in small town America, where neighbors know each other's names and quickly become friends.  Makes me want to grab a cup of coffee and sit on her rocking chair for some fun conversation.  

Speaking of her neighborhood, tomorrow her two daughters(my granddaughters), are having a party for all the girls in the eldest's class and the younger's neighborhood friends, after school.  I told my daughter that I would make some cupcakes for the fun occasion.  I found these cute plastic cups at The Dollar Tree at five for a dollar.  Personally, I think they would be perfect for an adult dinner party too.  Wouldn't it look good to have a tray of these for any dessert occasion?

I made white icing and added some dry lemonade powder to make it pink and give it a taste of lemonade.  I also found two boxes of Mrs. Field's confetti cupcake mix at same dollar store.  Twenty four cupcakes for $ 2.00, plus the eggs and oil(and the teaspoon of vanilla that I always add to cake mixes).  I baked the cupcakes as instructed, let them cool, and removed them from the pan.  I placed one in each of the above pretty plastic containers.

I put the icing in a clear ziplock bag, cut the one tip off and swirled the lemonade icing on each cupcake.  I added a plastic spoon, a candy cherry and some sprinkles.  It looks like little dishes of ice cream, but it is a cupcake and does not need to be in the freezer.

A fun and unique way to serve cupcakes at a party for young girls.  I do hope my granddaughters like serving these to their friends.  I have a feeling there will be lots of pink at their party.

 Speaking of pink, my uncle sent me this beautiful picture that he captured lately.  I think the delicate design of each flower is amazing.  I wish it was my tree.

I close with this adorable "pink sweetheart".  I cannot believe she is old enough now to have her friends home from school, for a party.
 I clearly remember the day I took this picture.
How did it happen so quickly?
I am sure you ask yourself the same question many times.

Thank you so much for stopping by this evening.

10 comments: said...

I just love visiting you Judy. There is always a sweetness to your words, and a quiet beauty here, not to mention there are so many ideas for me to copy!! :)

Just know that this one will be copied too! I can't wait. Thank you for your generous sharing of such a lovely gift. You will definitely be a hostess in heaven! :)

Judy said...

What a fun way to serve cupcakes...for sure! Your granddaughters and their friends will be thrilled. I too keep wondering how the years slip by so quickly.

Stacey said...

Judy, the cupcakes look delicious and festive. I bet that party is going to be so much fun. :)

Debbie said...

As always I loved everything about this post. First, the cupcakes are just darling and I know the little girls will love them. I also love the whole idea of the little girl party celebrating the end of the year. Then..I LOVE that flower. Soo pretty and delicate. And finally, the precious baby picture of your little granddaughter. Your right, wherever do the years go? Hope they all enjoy their party!

lindsey said...

I love your pretty pink photos. Your daughters porch looks so inviting and those cup cakes are such a great idea!

Love Being A Nonny said...

I love the cupcakes. I have seen them in a jar but not in a cup! I also love the idea of putting lemonaid koolaid in the icing! Tell me, are those little lollipops or what? You said candy cherries, but what is the stick???

Jeane` said...

Mom!!! The cupcakes are PERFECT...and perfectly adorable!!!!Thank you so so much.

PS. I too wish I could enjoy a hot cup of coffee out on that porch, even though it's just outside my front door. ;)

Just a little something from Judy said...

Dear Nonny,
The little cherries on top are from a container of Twin Cherries that I found while waiting in line at Marshalls. I bought them and put them away until now. I cut them apart and put them on top of the cupcakes.

Melinda said...

I love this idea for cupcakes!
Super to use with kids!!!!

Great pics too.

M :)

Kim said...

Definitely a great idea on how to serve of those things that I see and think - why have I never thought of that before now?


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