Tuesday, December 18, 2012


You know those plastic white lights that you buy at the dollar store?
The type light that one can hang in a closet, or any dark area.  You add batteries and then push down on the center.  That simple!

Along with that, I got out my pretty, very old crystal bowl, and some of my gold, clear, and white ornaments from a few years ago.
I put the little white light in the bottom of the bowl, and then preceeded to cover the light with all the ornaments.
That simple...a lit centerpiece for our dining room table.
I like it when I serve a candlelight dinner.  Soft, inexpensive ambience.

I always look forward to hanging the "Merry Christmas" banner, at the kitchen table.  This year I hung a few small stars from the chandelier, because...

I had a "star" theme going this year.  A simple vignette on my kitchen counter.

Thank you for stopping by. I have so enjoyed seeing how you all decorate for the holiday and reading about your family practices and traditions.  So much beauty is shared via the blogging world and I find it so inspiring.

One more item, I would like to share.  At a Christmas get-together on Sunday evening.  I received this unique and beautiful canvas picture.  At first I did not realize that it would light up, by flipping a tiny switch.  It comes alive when it is lit, and the best part, the Christmas tree lights flicker.  One more "star" to my theme, as the star on top of the tree, is the focal point of this scene.

What an inviting, cozy, and warm scene the picture depicts.  It will be a treasure to me for years to come.


GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

The light was a 'brilliant' idea and made a lovely centerpiece with a warm glow. Everything look s so pretty and festive!

Happy@Home said...

It always amazes me how you come up with these lovely ideas using simple elements, like the plastic light. I would never think to do something like that. However, I am glad that you are kind enough to share these wonderful ideas with us.
I think your star theme is so pretty. I agree that it is a very inspiring time in the blog world.

debi said...

You always have the best ideas!!
Wishing you a blessed Christmas sweet Judy....


lindsey said...

What great idea with the light in the bowl...you are so clever. I like the star theme too and I see you have the Magnolia recipe book on your counter :)

Just a little something from Judy said...

Yes Lindsey, the Magnolia book has been part of my collection for the last five years. I find some favorite desserts in it.

Christine said...

I just wanted to let you know that I haven't stopped making that Peanut Crunch, that you posted way back in Oct.14, 2008.
I am giving boxes of this yummy candy, as Christmas gifts, this year.

Again, thank you for sharing your ideas.

Judy said...

You are always full of the best ideas...and so willing to share. Thank-you!

What a great canvas picture...all lit up!

corners of my life said...

"Inviting, cozy, and warm are perfect words to describe your home.

Kathleen said...

Oh my, I do love the clever use of the space lights.

The picture is delightful. What a thoughtful gift. Surely they knew you'd treasure such a unique perspective.


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