Friday, December 14, 2012

Good morning!
Don't you find yourself wondering what you will find on ..."justalittlesomethingforyou"?
Certainly, you have discovered that it is never anything "earth shattering", or of utmost importance to your day's agenda, but as true to this blog's name, it always is "just a little something".
Today, eleven days before Christmas, I thought I would share a small (but of value to me) discovery I made recently.

That one long panel of vinyl siding, turned upside down and placed on a slope, can bring literally hours of enjoyment to the little guys spending time in your home.
I asked their grandpa to go to the attic and see what he could find to help make their "Matchbox" cars and plastic cars more exciting.
This is what he found, and what a find it is!
So, if you need a Christmas gift for some little guys, you might want to consider visiting the local building supply store and buying a panel or two of vinyl (not metal) siding.
The speed with which each little car goes down the track, is amazing!
Even I found it fun to do.
So there, I helped you with your Christmas shopping or your entertainment possibilities, and it could not be more simple and inexpensive.  You can go to the local dollar store and purchase packs of "Matchbox" cars and plastic sand buckets(for retrieving the speeding cars) and you are set.

Hesitantly, I will also show you this extremely simple project that has also brought hours of enjoyment.  Believe me, this will never make "Pinterest", but it works well for us.
Empty all the big sweet potato cans that you used for the thanksgiving events, and throw in some empty soup cans too.  Grab a roll of red(or whatever colored duct tape you have on hand), and an old unused table board, and make yourself a garage for all the little cars that you can confiscate from the toybox.   If you are feeling really good, you can give the little ones a marker and let them mark roads leading up to each garage space.  There you go, two ideas for you on this Friday morning.


Hope you are given some holiday smiles today.  They sure do help make one's day happier.


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Oh wow!!! My huge thanks for this idea. Now to remember it for about three years, until the baby grandson is old enough to enjoy.
Or come to think of it...maybe the 32 year old son and 59 year old grandfather would enjoy having some fun with it right now. I could do my part to nurture their inner boys!

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

I like your postings with all manner of 'little somethings' for us to enjoy...

That piece of siding.. oh my.. I can see what fun that has turned out for some little ones.

Wishing you a beautiful day.

lindsey said...

fantastic ideas....thank you! Having taught early years for many years, I was always amazed at what could be used for activities such as this. I loved visiting other nurseries and getting ideas from creative staff.

I will be on the look out for something like this for my grandson to play with.

Melinda said...

Who needs high priced toys these days? Two great ideas for fun.

M :)

Kelli said...

You always have wonderful ideas Judy.
Have a nice weekend!

Judy said...

Love the siding racetrack. What a great idea! That is a great 'little something' that I am storing.

corners of my life said...

Clever idea. I am smiling at how much fun the "matchbox boys" are having.


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