Friday, December 7, 2012

The "most expensive" gift one can give this Christmas, is the "gift of time".

TIME...the lost gift, the "difficult-to-find" gift, the gift that requires putting the many, many "things" of the holiday on the back burner for an hour or two and focusing on each other.  Whether it be family, friends, neighbors, or acquiantances, "time" remains the most difficult of gifts to give.
The demands are so great for this season of the year, the time seems to be fleeting, so hence, the "gift of time" goes ungiven.  I am finding in my life right now, that the older ones among us, long for our time and attention.  The youngest ones among us, long for our time and attention, and all those in-between, long for it too.  In fact, I personally can think of no greater gift.

Time to play games.  Time to sit and share coffee.  Time to eat dinner around the table together.  Time to laugh, to commiserate, to catch up on each other's daily lives.  You can't run to Walmart and buy it, you can't click on to Amazon and order it, you can't call a 1-800 number and request, it is more difficult than any of those steps, to find and to give.  It is priceless!

"Undivided time" is an even more valuable gift to give.  Because "undivided time" means putting away the iphones, the texting, the teleivision, and all interruptions that are the 24/7 happenings in our daily lives, and focusing only on those who are with you.  Wow!  Now, we are talking serious "gift giving", but, I venture to guess, that it (time) would be the number 1 item on everyone's Christmas gift this year.  Would you agree?

It was not the two little plastic, purple, pools from the dollar store, filled with colorful plastic jumping frogs that made this happening around our kitchen table, such a fun, laughter filled, loud, and somewhat animated time period. was that the big guy, and what a special big guy he is, took the time and initiative to play the simple game with the three little guys in our care.  Three little guys who needed attention and needed something to occupy their time.

The laughter and the fun is still echoing in my mind as I see these pictures again.  It was the "gift of time" given on an ordinary Wednesday evening, in the midst of a busy time of year.  It was one of those things that memories are made of.  It is what so many long for, especially at this time of the year.


Happy Friday to each and everyone of you! 


Debbie said...

Oh yes, I just couldn't agree more! Always trying to find ways to find more of it too. Enjoy your week-end!

Kathleen said...

To me, time is the equivalent of patience. When I give someone the one, they automatically get the other.

It's also an investment. I can just see how profitable is yours in the lives of the wee ones. Priceless!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

I can just see what a fun time your guys were gave through the sweet photos!

Judy said...

I would agree...time is the best gift of all. Great post...and such a 'timely' reminder of what matters most.

Marie said...

I love your post--it is so true. We need to think about Christmas more in these terms rather than how much we can spend.
I wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year.
Love, Marie

Anneliese said...

Time is a precious gift for sure. It speaks of genuine love and care.
Thank you for this reminder.


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