Monday, December 3, 2012

It was late in the afternoon.
I had to make a stop at the postal store, to mail a package.
I had a busy day and did not have time for lunch.  Look what caught my eye.
Yes, there it was right by the postal store.
Should I?
It was such a long time since my early morning breakfast...
All willpower left me.
I walked right in, said "hello" to the friendly workers, then headed to the back of the store, picked up the "small" bowl.
First stop,a brief pull on the lever of the "red velvet" yogurt flavor,
then a brief pull on the "country vanilla" lever.
Now, my favorite part.
Without hesitation I added a touch of chocolate syrup, two partial spoonfuls of chopped peanuts,
and one partial spoonful of coconut.
Yes...that is my favorite.  Of all the many yummy looking and fresh looking toppings, my choice was made.
What about you...if you had walked into the "Sweet Frog" with me, what would have you chosen in yogurt flavors and topping choices?
I guardedly carried my newly made purchase to the car:)
I relished every single bite........
a brief, happy moment for me on a late Monday afternoon.

And, let me tell you, this picture added to my happy moments.  On a recent stay at our home, they got to wear their 6 year old brother's sleaveless tee shirts. They (the shirts) were a requested purchase by the 6 year old to match those worn by his grandfather.  Neatly stored side by side (with his Paw Paw's) in a bedroom drawer, they now had to be retrieved to meet an "emergency" need, much to their pleasure.

We delight in simple things around here, whether it is an unexpected visit to the yogurt store, or wearing size 6 tee shirts when you are only 3 years old.  They were so pleased.

I do hope your first December Monday offers you a few simple, happy moments.  We all need them in the midst of our daily lives...right?  We need a smile or two, to get us through, especially at such a busy time of the year.


Debbie said...

Well as usual this whole post made me smile. I would have selected VERY similar yogurt and toppings I kid you not....sounded perfect to me. The twins are adorable, and the story of why the 6 year old wanted those kind of t-shirts is priceless. Enjoy the rest of your day!

lindsey said...

Well that tasty looking treat looks wonderful. I love how those little boys are so excited to wear their big brothers tee shirts. You are right it is the simple things that often please and I am grateful for those simple things :)

Judy said...

From the frozen dessert two boys in matching Paw Paw shirts...this post was good for a smile.

Melinda said...

We have that type of store here also.
I think Red Velvet sounds yummy!



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