Thursday, August 2, 2012

Since you stopped by, I will share the tiny jewels that adorn my life this week...

... the vibrantly colored fresh peppers and the wonderful smelling basil that I bought from the farm next door.   I think of them as gifts, especially when I remember those living in the many drought stricken area of our country this summer.
I will cut them up and freeze them for future use.

...a picture my oldest granddaughter colored for me.  It arrived in the mail yesterday and proudly I placed it on my kitchen refrigerator door.  She is clearly learning to stay within the lines when she colors, and I like the way she added glitter at all the right places.  What a treasure!

...remembering their laughter everytime I see this picture.  They were listening to their older brother's singing card, at the restaurant where we celebrated his 18th birthday.

...the mint tea that our daughter made for us last evening.  She cut the tea leaves from her plants and whipped up a delicious concoction.  I poured it over ice and added a sprig of mint and a lemon slice.  It was the perfect break in a hot, sticky day.

...the little bouquet by the sink, that I picked from my garden today.

...last but not least, the expectancy of the season coming next.  I found this picture in a 2006 edition of Southern Lady Magazine.    A moment that creates exquisite beauty for me today.  I dream of sitting on one of these rockers as the sun is beginning to rise, and a cup of hot coffee in my hand.  I look forward to cool, crisp mornings.  But for now, I ask for grace to accept each moment as it comes.

Thanks for stopping by.


Kris said...

That's some good stuff!!!! Love the kiddos faces at the card! You could almost hear them giggle!!!
: ) Kris

Judy said...

You always find the blessings...whatever the circumstances! And that is inspiring to me...and to others, I'm sure. Thank-you. I like your tiny jewels of this week.

Kelli said...

Love the saying at the top of your true!
Beautiful pictures

Debbie said...

Oh how I always love visiting graceful and calm. : ) the pic of your grands laughing is just priceless. You can almost feel their joy. Hope you have a good week-end!

Privet and Holly said...

Beautiful, Judy!

It's so important
to count the little
blessings each day,
not just the biggies : )

{Although, you certainly
have some biggies ~ what
a gorgeous family!}

Happy Weekend,
xo Suzanne

Kathleen said...

Save one of those chairs for me ... and some lemonade too. I love your eye for life's simple treasures. said...

and I'll be in the 3rd chair, next to you and Sassy!! What a beautiful bunch of things to be thankful for. I think your granddaughter is going to have your gift of beauty and expression. :)

Christine said...

It's always so nice to stop by and check in with you.

corners of my life said...

What a blessing to have captured that "singing card" moment.


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