Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Recently we celebrated two special ladies with milestone birthdays.  I thought I would share a few snippets from that event.  I was responsible for the centerpieces and the favors.  Since ice cream was a favorite of both ladies, I created for big bowls of ice cream.  The bowls and spoons were purchased from the dollar store.  The balls of ice cream were  three sizes of tissue paper flowers that I glued together.  I glued sprinkles on with dots of glue.  An inexpensive way to add color to the center of my sister's already beautiful porch table.

In between the dishes of ice cream centerpieces, I added red and white petunias in empty Perrier bottles.
The favors were little cups of sprinkles placed in star bags and tied with "happy birthday" tags.  The table looked so festive.

The total cost of the centerpieces that I made was $4.00.
Plastic bowls and spoons were two in a pack for $1.00.
Tissue paper from the dollar store.
Containers of sprinkles were from the Ollie's store.
My beautiful cousin made and decorated this great looking birthday cake.
I was impressed with her creativity.


Even the youngest of the party participants, joined in the fun.  She was entertained by watching all the festivities and relished the attention she was receiving.

A sweet, fun way to celebrate special people in our lives.


Debbie said...

Oh my goodness, what a perfectly wonderful, CREATIVE, fun, inexpensive, and darling idea. I loved it! Bet it was a fun party. Have a wonderful day.

lindsey said...

Wow...I cant believe how beautiful that table looks. Those 'ice creams' are so clever! That cake is great too. What a creative family you are!

Elece Hollis said...

Very bright and pretty. I liked the blue goblets and the flowers in water bottles. Good ideas

LisaShaw said...


What a beautiful baby girl.

Creative and beautiful centerpieces. The entire table setting is festive and beautiful. I'm sure everyone enjoyed themselves.

The cake looks delicious! My hubby's birthday was yesterday. I made him his favorite -- pineapple cake. I wish I had thought to add the powdery top to it but it had pineapples and strawberries on it which he loved.

Birthday blessings to the two special ones.

Blessings to you!

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh you are so creative Judy. That table is positively delightful. So bright and cheery. That cake with the bunting decor is so pretty too.

Kelli said...

The table looks just beautiful. You did a wonderful job on the creative! What a perfect summertime party!

Judy said...

What great ideas! I am bookmarking this post.

Lauren said...

Paisley was very excited about her first debut on the blog! I have some catching up to do!!! Great pics! Love you


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