Thursday, June 2, 2011

Somedays one just feels blue, and somedays it is the blue things that can make one smile in an ordinary day.  The latter is the case for me today.  Sharing some of my "blue smiles" with you since you stopped by.

The above counted-cross stitched piece was made especially for me many years ago.  It's intricate design and stitching makes it a real treasure to me.

I like to use miscellaneous plates as picture frames.  Here I framed a picture from years ago, of our oldest daughter and her cousin.  It sits on a shelf in our bedroom and adds a smile to my day everytime I see it.  I look at their little selves sitting on their grandpa's lawn tractor twenty some years ago, and am reminded that they had no idea the interesting directions their lives would take them at that time. 

Another bit of blue that brightened my day when I received it recently.  Her touch of patriotism on Memorial Day.

This favorite picture from "Country Living" magazine serves as a reminder to me, to take time throughout my very busy weeks, to kick back and relax for a brief reprieve.   It is crucial for me to do that.  Like my mother says, "take time to come apart so that you don't come apart."  She's known for her own special sayings, most are from her beloved Bible.

Most everyday this" blue" category is part of my daily intake, along with my Vanilla Almond Special K and skim milk.  Always makes me happy.  What is your favorite cereal?

Last, but not least the pot of blue and white flowers that sits on my porch.  The flag was added on Memorial Day, when I took the picture.  The tiny blue and white flowers multiply daily.  The pink geraniums planted in the pot have not bloomed yet, but there are buds ready to open.
Oh, I know there are big issues facing each of our lives today, but I thought you might enjoy a few moments of "happy blues" with me.  Good morning friends!  Blessings to you!  Don't forget to take a few minutes to "come apart and prop up your feet" for a brief reprieve, even if it is 5 minutes.


Judy said...

Those are the kind of 'blue' days I like...the kind that make me smile.

Lovella ♥ said...

Hi Judy ..I'm starting my day with my feet up. The house is still quiet. .haven't even started the coffee yet. I love your blues .. the stool with the feet raised is lovely. .as are the rest of your photos.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Your blues made me happy too!

Happy@Home said...

I smiled right through this happy post. Such pretty pictures you shared featuring my favorite color. Your mom has good advice and I hope you are able to find time to put your feet up and relax today.
As for cereal, my favorite is Multi Grain Cheerios topped with any kind of fresh berries.

LisaShaw said...

I love every photo...precious happy blues! Thank you friend for making me smile today!

debi said...

Love all your blues but mostly I love your Mother's wise words :-) I think I may adopt it.....

I really love how you see love in most everything.


Kathleen said...

Love the blue tour! It's a welcome contrast to the gray of our skies here in WA State.

Among my favorite "blues" are the tropical seas around Hawaii. There's nothing to equal the depth of color there.

Thank you for the smile. Then again, I never leave without one!


Miss Debbie said...

Blueberries are a favorite here as well...especially in a muffin! :-)

Christine said...

Wise Mom.

lindsey said...

I love the colour blue and your photos are is my grandaughter Maggie's favourite colour too whereas Primrose favours pink. Have a lovely weekend!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

FAvorite cereal: Frosted Flakes, or oatmeal, but instead I have bran, bran, and more bran each morning.


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