Thursday, April 22, 2010

They met at her home for dinner.

"They" were some of her oldest granddaughters and they had come together on this weekday
evening, at their request, wanting their grandma to teach them how to make her wonderfully delicious "chicken corn soup".

She decided that she would feed them bowls of her hot homemade soup, before the class began.

Her table was beautifully set with the pink, white and touches of red.

Everyone was hungry and ready to eat. The(soup) aroma filled the air of her small apartment.

How many pots of this soup has she made in her lifetime? How many Perdue Oven Stuffers has she cooked and deboned?

How many people has she blessed with gifts of this coveted soup? One will never know.

Tonight she would try to teach them the process...not an easy chore for her, since she never uses a recipe. You know her kind..."oh, it is just a little bit of this and a little bit of that".

Good luck girls!

They wrote down the steps, and all the many ingredients and instructions. They wrote and wrote.

They carefully watched. They tried to take it all in, not an easy task. They learned that one may use a scissors to cut up the chickens...who would have thought to do that but Grandma.

They realized that wearing an apron when making this soup was necessary, and they knew where to go to get one of those lovely creations.

They ate, they laughed, and they there will be more of this soup gracing tables in this county. Oh, how I hope I get to sit at one of those tables.

Thought you might like knowing about a simple event that took place in one Grandma's kitchen on a Wednesday evening.

Just as it should be...the older woman teaching the younger women.


Rach said...

What a great evening and cute tablescape!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Your post truly touched my I'm coming to realize that we are loosing the 'art' of...the older/wiser, teaching the young.

It's a biblical principle that I'm afraid we are loosing!

Know that your post has SO encouraged my heart, and in fact, it's confirmed what God's been doing in my heart/life as of late.

A few months ago I discovered a 'mentorship'/(life coach)training I've been feeling this is something the Lord wants me to pursue. Then, just like God, he brought a woman into my life last week...who is a certified, trained, Christian mentor/coach and she wants to get get help me on this journey.

Our culture is teaching us to be in a hurry, the drive thru mentality. Well..I believe...God's calling us to simplify...and return to what his word tells us to do.....and that is...older/wiser up the younger.

Blessings to you friend.

Susan said...

I can almost smell the sweet aroma of that delicious soup! But it pales in comparison to the obvious L.O.V.E between you, your sweet mom, and your girls! Such a testimony to the importance of keeping close family ties!
It has been difficult for me to visit my Mom in the nursing home where she now resides. Life is hard for her and I am her sounding board. Thank you for the reminder that I must glean from her all the stories of the past and traditions that should never be forgotten! Today I will visit with a new attitude and delightful anticipation! Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. Now, how about sharing the recipe! :) Family secret?!? :)

lindsey said...

What a very special evening for them all and that table looks so pretty. I'm glad to hear of someone else cutting up meat with scissors, I always do that!
Have a great weekend!

Debbie said...

How thoughtful for all the girls to get together and honor their grandmother by appreciating her and her cooking. Who does that anymore! I've never had that soup, but it must be good!

Crickit said...

I was under the same tutorship with my own Grandmother many years ago. My sister and I sat down with pen in hand as my Grandmother cooked without any measurements, so we did the best we could to guess. Even though we have made some of the dishes that she made, they just never seem to turn out the same. I guess she also put in a pinch of Grandmotherly love that made those dishes "specially made".

Thanks for sharing this! :)

corners of my life said...

What a treasured moment for all of them. I hope they do it again and again . . .
I love grandma's apron.

Judy said...

Now that is one 'soup cooking lesson' the girls will always remember! How have grandma pass along her favorite recipes in such a meaningful way. I like that.

Judy said...

Now that is one 'soup cooking lesson' the girls will always remember! How have grandma pass along her favorite recipes in such a meaningful way. I like that.

Sara said...

I can smell it in my mind...what a lovely idea & evening. Thanks for sharing that special time.

Love Being A Nonny said...

This is a gift like no other. What a precious time together as family. I know you will be glad that you documented it. PRECIOUS!

Tracy said...

What a wonderful thing! You're so very important (and Biblical) that the older women teach the younger. What a wise woman and what blessed grandaughters! Her table was so beautiful. I'm sure this was a very special evening for all. Thanks for sharing it with us and encouraging us to invest in the lives of younger women.

Blessings, Judy. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! = )

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I'm glad the grand daughters took the time to learn how to make this family recipe, Judy! Your wonderful photos told the story so well.

I'm so glad I learned many recipes form my mother-in-law before she passed sway and since she was unable to write them down, I did that, so I'll be able to pass them on to my children.

I hope you are ahving a peaceful weekend!

♥ Pat

Happy@Home said...

I imagine that this will be an evening that will remain a warm and happy memory for many years to come for these young ladies. Every time they prepare the soup they will not only be eating well, but also reflecting on the time and love shared with them by their grandmother. This is a beautiful post, Judy.

LisaShaw said...

Aww, this is a BEAUTIFUL message from start to finish. These are precious times! I remember the times I spent with my Grandma and all that I learned from her to pass on to my girls.

Thanks for sharing with us. Love you.

Connie said...

What a beautiful evening and your family is so blessed to have her. And to pass on recipes to the younger generation is a gift. So biblical too like Kim said..the older women teaching the younger women.

Love her table setting too!



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