Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The quaint little restaurant is a half hour drive from my home, but always the drive is worth it even if it is very early on an April, Saturday morning. When you drive into the parking lot and see all the window boxes filled with pansies, you are reminded of the treat that awaits you upon entering the restaurant. This was the birthday gift my girls gave to me last weekend. Another one of those very rare moments when all of us were together to eat breakfast. Believe was the best gift I could have received!

Three sisters together again, if only for a few days, and smiling, even if it is early on a Saturday morning. The bags they are holding was my simple version of their individual Easter gifts...a piece of fun jewelry in each.

The youngest one in our group, and yes, she also received her own little Dora necklace in a tiny, pink bag.

And this little one,is already wearing her new, little Dora necklace, sat right up with all of us and eagerly ate her scrambled eggs and toast. I think it might have been too early for her to show even a tiny smile, but oh, I enjoyed eating breakfast with her.

Time went too quickly, and now it is just an extra special memory that I hold in my heart. I know it will not happen again for a long time. I thought you might enjoy sharing this treasured memory with me today.


Stacey said...

Beauty queens! I'm glad you all had your special time together.

Anonymous said...

What a delightful morning you must have had! I always like to get away with the girls. Your girls are all beautiful and that little granddaughter of yours is so cute! I love the little bow she is wearing in her hair.

Rach said...

Sounds perfect! What a beautiful family.

Anonymous said...

Dear Judy, you are such a beautiful woman. I know how wonderful it is to get together with those precious kiddos and grands. Belated Happy birthday and Happy anniversary too. It is a blessing to have a mate that you can trust and feel secure and so enjoy life with. Blessings

Happy@Home said...

How nice that you could celebrate your birthday with all 3 of your daughters and your granddaughters too. It doesn't get much better than that. Your pictures are all so nice. I believe that you could pass for the 4th sister, Judy.
The pink bags you made are so cute.

Marilou said...

Aaaahh....such beauty all in one place...almost too much for one to handle! And to think you are ALL related to ME!!! Yay me!! So glad you had a chance to do that together and to have pics to remember it by! Happy Day!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

What beautiful ladies you have in your life.

I truly enjoyed tagging along with you on this adventure. You truly are blessed beyond measure.

Judy said...

What a perfect birthday/Easter celebration for you girls! It doesn't get better than that. Great photots...wonderful memories...for all three generations of women.

Lovella ♥ said...

I smiled as I read your post. . did you hear me go awwww. .such a sweet little girl.
I also smiled thinking that it is days like this . .reading blogs like yours that I think that having sisters and daughters must be the most precious thing in the world. :)

I do have grandgirlies now. . and I'm just beginning to learn how special it is.

corners of my life said...

The six of you are all so very pretty! Times like these certainly do make wonderful memories for us to hold on to.

Debbie said...

I did enjoy sharing. Judy, both my daughters are home right now and we are having so much fun. And we've about polished off that cheesecake. Oh well! I'll exercise when everyone goes home:) I love the time spent with my daughters too!

a woman who is said...

Oh I know how you feel these days. Trying to treasure every moment of life that seems to be moving by so fast. Especially those precious moments with our "girls".


Melinda said...

Five very lovely ladies out for
Glad you had fun.


Jeane` said...

It was a great memory for me too! Thank you so much for being a mother worth deserve even more, but I am happy you were content with that cozy little breakfast nook! :)
Love you and am thankful for you!!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Such a lovely get together of a combination of mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and a grandmother :-)

I also enjoy seeing the photos of your smiling grandchildren and the pretty spring flowers that have blossomed in your area in your other posts.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Judy!


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