Saturday, April 10, 2010

Over the last few years I have tried many products on this stove top, to keep it looking like it did when it was new. Many of them did not work for me. The one that does and does it beautifully...just as I imagined when I would be in the midst of cooking, is...

...this old faithful. From what I hear it has been around for a long time. I sprinkle it on my white stove top and take my wet scrubbing brush, and the job is soon completed. I am so thankful that I discovered this cleaning product.

The can of Legos was emptied onto the porch floor and the two older ones were contently playing, leaving the younger little one to discover an old half of blue crayon in the midst of the hundreds of Lego pieces. Of course she would find it. She tried it out on the white siding on the side of the porch. Her goal...make it all blue. I discovered this budding little artist with half of a blue crayon in her chubby little hand. She was on a mission.

Once again, the above pictured product on an old damp cloth, quickly removed every single trace of the blue crayon marks...effortlessly. This is not paid advertising, it is just a lifesaver that I discovered in my grandparenting experience.

The white porcelain sink has been part of my kitchen for years. Once again, I tried many different products and lots of scrubbing. This is the product that came to my rescue so beautifully and with no scrubbing. Twice a month I spray my sink with this, and after a few minutes I rinse it with hot water.

It then looks like new again. When I visited my daughter's home, I discovered that she had gone the same route as I had with her porcelain sink. I went to the store, purchased this product, and within a few minutes all her sink stains had disappeared.
All of this trivial info for you on this sunny, crisp Saturday morning, in the case that you have a white stove top or a white porcelain kitchen sink that needs to be cleaned.

Wishing each of you a productive Saturday!


Happy@Home said...

Thanks for sharing your cleaning tips with us, Judy. I, too, have a white porcelain sink that tends to get dingy looking. This spray on bleach sounds like just the thing I need to brighten it up.
I was cringing as I read your story about the blue crayon. So glad you were able to restore the white color back to your siding :)
Hope your weekend is wonderful.

Tracy said...

I love tips like this! (Especially when I'm already making a grocery list!) I hadn't tried bar keepers friend, but I'll be picking some up today. I also love the clorox cleaner and use it frequently. Thanks for sharing things like this, my friend! = ) Hope you have a wonderful and beautiful weekend!

P.S. Thank you for your very kind comment. = )

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Nice's my favorite: when in doubt about how delicate a surface is, first try a scrub using baking soda. It will not scratch but often will do the trick.

My favorite cleaner is Bon has not silica particles and like it's famous logo of a new born baby chick: It hasn't scratched yet! Product with silica or other grit will rip the glaze off of sinks, which then allows stains to set.

I also like hydrogen peroxide for stains, and using room freshners for cleaning the bathroom mirror!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

~great tips...thanks~

Judy said...

Great tips, Judy. I must see if they are available in Canada. Everything comes packaged a little differently north of the border!

Janean said...

judy, i discovered *bar keepers friend* several years ago and keep it handy. isn't it great? it takes off everything... :)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Nice cleaning tips, Judy. I've used the Clorox cleaner before but I never hear of the barkeeper's friend brand. Thank you!

Love Being A Nonny said...

I have heard about Bar Keeper's Friend for years but have never used it. I have it on my shopping list now. Can't wait to try it. Your stove top looks great...mine looks awful!

Melinda said...

Helpful information is always much appreciated. Will keep these in mind.

Enjoy your evening and Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you Judy! I have a five year old cream colored porcelain sink that I thought was beyond fixing. The bottom looked totally scratched up. You inspired me to try something. I didn't have the spray bleach but I had regular, so I put about half bleach/half water (1 inch or so in the sink) and let it sit for one hour.. the result was amazing - no more scratches! And I had tried all kinds of cleansers... My hubby is especially pleased, no new sink talk any longer...

Nancy at said...

Thanks! I've got to get some of that Bar Keepers.
Appreciate the review.

Marty said...

Thanks for these cleaning ideas. Two things added to my store list and I'm anxious to give them a try.

Kathleen said...

I've gotta get me some of that Bar-keepers Friend! I did a quick tour of bars in the area, and I think I've found one that I can duck into without being seen. I'll go under the cloak of darkness, of course; and probably wear my camouflage sundress (it's 90 here today). Hey ... if it works (the cleaner), it'll be well worth the effort! :)

You are a never-ending source of practical & pretty wisdom!



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