Monday, December 28, 2009

As I reflect back over the fun family times of the Christmas holidays, I am reminded of how good food plays a role in the enjoyment of the times we spent together. On Christmas Eve, my husband and I hosted another evening in the garage with his side of the family. Once again we did the tiny lights, the candles, the soft Christmas music and food...lots of good food. Since it was a special occasion, I did provide this small candy station for everyone. The biggest hit of it all...was definitely the" sugar babies", although it all seemed to disappear. It was enjoyable to watch the children's faces when they realized that on this evening candy was available for all.

Christmas morning...10:00am...we sat down to a table in the kitchen of my daughter and son-in-law's home. The table was beautifully set and was seated full of precious children, each excited to eat the food before them. This is the egg and ham casserole that my daughter took out of the oven. It was so delicious! She had discovered the recipe on the Internet and thought that it looked like one we would like. We all recommended that she file this one in her collection. The eggs, cheese, ham, and bread cubes blended perfectly creating a mouthwatering casserole.

This is what she served with the egg casserole on this special morning. I brought it from my house. On the afternoon of the 24th, totally unexpected a dear friend stopped by and dropped off this very special homemade gift. I had not seen her for a long time, and her visit added a touch of joy to my day. I knew we were in for a treat, since she has the reputation of being a great cook. The cinnamon rolls were packaged so attractively on the red plate and tied with a red bow. The tiny spatula that was tied in with the bow completed this surprise package beautifully. I am sure you all can imagine just how deliciously this complimented my daughter's egg casserole at our wonderful Christmas breakfast.

One of my favorite foods of all time is fresh fruit. On Christmas Day evening we all went to my sister and BIL's home. Another one of our yearly traditions. My part was to bring the fruit platter. I purchased one large cantalope, one large seedless watermelon, a carton of clementines and a big bag of seedless red grapes. Thinking that, since it was the winter season, the fruit might not be ripe and sweet like it would be in the summer...but, I was wrong. It was ripe and so very sweet that it tasted just like it came from the neighbor's garden in the summer. I cut it up in chunks, added my fancy picks, and I had a completed fruit tray. For the dip, I took two containers of light peach yogurt, one small container of my frozen peach puree', and a container of light cool whip. I stirred in a teaspoon of cinnamon sugar, and the dip was complete. Oh, yes, to add a touch of color, I cut three small stars out of watermellon pieces to add to the top of the dip.

I peeled the clementines since I thought that would make it easier to serve on this platter. It was not as time consuming as I thought it would be. We are blessed in this country to have access to fresh fruit in all four seasons. Everytime I have the privilege of eating from a fruit tray, I am so thankful for the abundance of something so healthy and delicious.
As you can see, good food was included in my holiday memories and I pray that I never take that for granted, when in so many parts of the world this is not the case.


Stephanie said...

That looks similiar to what I made for my family! Im going to remember your fruit dip recipe, that looks yummy!
Happy Holidays !

Debbie said...

Thank you for sharing your Christmas with your 'blog friends:D The food looks so pretty. I hope you post the link to the casserole recipe! Yes, fast transportation has put everything at the tips of our fingers, hasn't it. Debbie

Judy said...

It all looks so good...and how nice to have your daughter cooking on Christmas morning! We also had an egg, ham, cheese and bread casserole on Christmas just fits. Your fruit tray looks beautiful...great presentation...and I like the idea of leaving the teeny oranges intact. My basic fruit dip is fruity yogurt (usually peach or pina colada) mixed with cool tasty and simple.

Connie said...

Once again you've made me hungry and it's just about bed time. It all looks so good and your knack for displaying the food is well...always so lovingly displayed. I made your crescent cinnamon rolls for our Christmas morning with my daughter and they were a hit! She also made a baked egg dish that was spicey like a breakfast burrito. It was yummy! is a big part of our family gatherings too!

Happy New Year! Connie

lindsey said...

Fantastic recipes!!!!! The egg and ham bake looks great...think I will try that. I will look up the recipe. Also the cinnamon rolls....we dont get those very often in the UK although there is a place called Cinnabon in some places. You certainly had a great time. have a great week and happy New Year. We are off to Devon today with our daughter, SIL and twins for NEw Year and will catch up with the rest of our family down there.

Debbie said...

Judy, not only do we share a fondness for bird feeders, but my oldest daughter set up this blog for me last year and got me started. I enjoy bloggin, sharing and learning. I really like photography too, and it's an opportunity to show the pictures I take of God's creation. Thank you so much for your comments!

Kathleen said...

OK, so now I'm going to pack a camera on my hip whenever I'm working the kitchen. Who'd have thought to capture a close-up of potato/ham casserole, or peeled clementines? And it's so classy!

Something tells me every scene, every gathering is blessed with such class when your hand is involved. What a gift!


Happy@Home said...

Everything looks delicious. How nice to have your daughter prepare the scrumptious looking breakfast casserole on Christmas morning.
Your fresh fruit platter is so pretty and I like how you garnished the dip. We are big clementine fans in my family so I will have to remember your clever idea for adding them to my next fruit tray.
I also like the addition of the cute spatula to the gift from your friend. I have picked up a lot of creative ideas here once again.
And, by the way, I went back in your archives to find your cream cheese and red pepper jelly recipe and made it on Sunday. Oh my ... so delicious.

Betsy said...

Mmmmmm...everything looks so delicious. That ham and egg casserole looks mouth watering. You will have to share the recipe! And the fruit tray is so pretty. The dip sounds yummy.

I hope you and your sweet family have a wonderful New Year! :)

Lovella ♥ said...

I thought many times over Christmas that we are so blessed to be able to buy healthy foods. and treat foods. Your fruit platter looks delicious. I bought clementines for the first time this year. Usually we eat mandarins but I discovered clementines and enjoyed them so much.
We are getting ready to have a new years day party in our shop with my extended family. No one cares where we meet. . as long as we meet.

Miss Gracie's House said...

Looks like wonderful times were the that how everyone fits?...maybe I need a know these old houses. Love the family turned out really good:)
come by and see what I got...

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

It sounds like a wonderful holiday for you and your family!

Tracy said...

What a great post! What a wonderful Christmas morning that must have been! Everything looks just wonderful and your fruit tray...beautiful! = )

Melinda said...

I have two things to say:

1--How did I miss this?

2--YUM! YUM! :)



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