Wednesday, December 30, 2009

One of my special neices just celebrated her first wedding anniversary on December 27th. Recently I had the privilege, along with others in my family, to visit their home. In her warm, caring style, she served us a delicious brunch. Quite honestly, I find it amazing to think that these dear neices of mine, are now having their own places to call home, and serving me meals. How did that all happen so fast? It seems like only yesterday, that I was babysitting them as toddlers. It certainly was a joy to experience her gracious hospitality, and realize what a good cook she is.

Walking into her cozy family room caused me to want to curl up on the sofa for the day. There is truly something so wonderful about a wood burning fireplace, especially on a cold, windy day like this day was.

I just had to share this wall art on the main floor powder room. What a unique addition to this little green room. I find it so fascinating to see how people decorate their homes. The new wall art additions add fun touches to painted walls.

Sitting at her beautifully set table with my mother and sisters was a real treat. Eating my bowl of baked oatmeal with skim milk and fresh strawberries made it even better! I liked the height of the table and chairs.

The precious little twin girls love their aunt, and seemed so happy to be visiting in her home. They contented themselves by sitting by her sink and playing with the pots and pans.
Before we know it...they will be serving her a brunch from their kitchens. Life continues to pass by so quickly. Brunch at this home was a real blessing, and I conidered it an honor to be invited. Thanks to my sister for sharing these lovely photographs with me, so that I could share them with you.


Tracy said...

What a beautiful post and what a dear niece! It seems as though she has certainly inherited your family's gifts of encouragement, kindness & hospitality! = ) What a treat that must have been. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Sweet blessings,

P.S. Happy New Year! = )

Rach said...

That living room is straight from a magazine! Very nice.

momstheword said...

She does have a lovely home and what an adorable niece and great-nieces you have!

~ Nan

Love Being A Nonny said...

My nieces are so precious to me! When my sister (their mom) was alive, she hosted a brunch every year on Christmas Eve morning for just the ladies. Sadly, she died a few years ago at age 49 of a massive heart attack. Those two precious girls of hers now host the brunch. Not much brings me greater joy. I love those nieces like they are my own. What a precious post and tribute to your niece. I am quite certain she loves you too!

Kathleen said...

Wow. It runs in the family!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

What a fun time...her home is so inviting...

Blessings each day said...

What a lovely home and I did a brief double take on the wall art in the bathroom (very pretty) as it looked like a hanging chandelier at first.

That brunch sounded wonderful to me!

Judy, I wish you a New Year filled with so many good things and so much joy!

blessings with warm hugs,


lindsey said...

Lovely photo's...beautiful neice and yet more twins!!!

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

How lovely......I find it amazing, too, to discover toddlers I once babysat setting up their own homes and cozy nests. So it's no wonder why the sages keep encouraging us to enjoy every single day!

SeaWorthy said...

You, my dear, are a little something special for ME!

Thanks for being such a beautiful supporting person in my life.
happy new year to you and your very very special family!!
lotsa hugs from me to you.
coastal nest
your family is so awesome. Lucky to have a mom, aunt, grama, beautiful lady like you to call their very own. Thanks for sharing!

LisaShaw said...

This is SO precious! Loved all the photos especially of your niece and the grand babies.

Love you.


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