Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Pre-Christmas Snowstorm

This is what I woke up to this morning. A winter storm, cold tempetures and wind. I flipped the switch of the prepared ahead coffee maker and curled up on the sofa with only the tiny Christmas lights creating a glow in the dark room. Enjoying the peace and quiet of the early morning, when my husband walked into the room suggesting we drive to a nearby town, to one of our very favorite cafe's for the snowstorm. So, a half hour later we were on our way in our trusty four wheel drive the snowstorm. It was so beautiful! Not many cars on the road...afterall who would venture out in the biggest snowstorm of the season for our area of the country!

As we drove, I thought about the many things that I should be at home doing. No, my tree is not totally decorated...actually it only has the tiny lights strung on it. I thought about the gifts that were waiting to be wrapped, and the food that was waiting to be baked and frozen for Christmas. Yes, I only wished that my tree and living room looked like the picture above. It is from a past edition of The Country Living British Edition magazine. I really like the look of this festive room!, my room and tree do not have the completed look that this room does, and yes, instead I was on my way to breakfast, in a snowstorm.

It was a beautiful drive in the snow, with the world just waking up on Saturday morning. The little cafe' was bustling with town folks. The fire was burning in the fireplace, the coffee was hot and refills were abundant, the friendly server had a great sense of humor, and the staff of the restaurant and the familiar faces of the patrons made this a very special before Christmas event. It all made me forget the many things that needed to be done on my list at home.

After breakfast we made a few stops. One of them was at our daughter and SIL's home to spend a few precious minutes with our grandchildren. For some reason, our daughter is always thrilled when we stop in on Saturday mornings and spend time with the children. It gives both her and her husband a much needed break and gives their grandpa and me a better workout than the day at the gym. Trust me I know whereof I speak.
I love this picture! When we back out of their driveway, they stand on the chair at the window and wave goodbye to us. This morning with the snow flakes coming fast and furious, their little faces show a bit of sadness. They didn't want us to leave.

Upon arriving home, I stretched out in comfort in front of the fireplace. Just kidding! But, when I saw this picture in the Country Living Magazine, it made me wish for the exact setting in my home, especially today. Isn't it beautiful?

Each of these pictures are ones that struck me with their beauty as I looked through my treasured past copies of the Country Living(British Edition) Magazines. I am sure you each come across pictures in magazines that strike a chord within you. Here are a few that I would list as my favorites;

If my tree looked like this one, I would post pictures of it everyday of December.

But, can I tell you that this is one of my very favorite magazine pictures of all time. It is really how I dream of my tree and home looking. It reminds me of our dear friend's log home that they built years ago. The visits to this unique and rustic home have provided special memories for my husband and me. This picture also closely resembles the log cabin blog that I visit quite often. If you want to see what I am talking about visit "" This talented couple build beautiful log cabins. Their room with the Christmas tree looks similar to this dream home of mine. It is fun to dream once in a while.

Snow adds beauty to everything it touches.

The snow continues to fall creating an amazing white winter wonderland, with much more snow in the forecast for the rest of the afternoon, evening and through the night with predictions of 24 inches from the weatherman. I am home now, the gifts will get wrapped, the tree decorating will be completed, and the baking will get done. Thank you for joining me on this special Saturday morning before Christmas. May your day today find you experiencing moments of joy in the ordinariness of life.


lindsey said...

I have enjoyed this post so much...very like our saturday morning here today...we dont have a 4x4 and so walked down to town, the roads too icy to drive, and we had breakfast in town with some friends. We cant drop in to see our grandchildren but we do have a photo taen last year of the twins standing on our window sill looking out at the snow. I have a subscription to country Living UK and really enjoy the Christmas pictures. I also have lots of past Christmas issues of CL USA, some from the early 90's. My daughter and I were laughing at the fashions when she was over from SA last week.
I am so glad you enjoyed your mroning out in the snowstorm with your husband...we have to capture these moments while we can. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Sharon said...

Hi Judy...As I was checking in on Terri's blog I came across yours and enjoyed reading about your snowy trip this morning! (I always wondered, "Who ARE those crazy people out there on the roads on a morning like this!"...And now, lo and behold, I have my answer! But, ANY excuse to drive by our grandchildrens' houses is a good one! It is still snowing hard at 4pm outside my sunroom window with no signs of giving up. Thank you, my lovely friend, for all the encouragement you have been to Terri this past year as she continues to seek the Lord for direction for her future. You are such a blessing! Merry Christmas to you and your household!
Sharon Cook

Rach said...

Yikes! I like snow, but only from my window! The kids in the window were soo cute!

Lovella ♥ said...

It does seem like there is a huge snowstorm out in the east. We had our little bit of snow and now we are back to being the wet coast. I hope you are not in danger of flooding following snow.
Your pictures made me smile. The first one I was looking so closely marvelling at how beautiful your tree was and then smiled when I realized it was from a magazine ..which I also love. I was caught again when I saw the lovely couch to lounge by the fire. ..OH well. .we can all dream can't we?
I love the picture best of your grands waving at the window. .that one is frame worthy.

Happy@Home said...

After having just placed a tray of pecan squares in the oven I sat down for a blog break and was very inspired by this lovely post.
I could just picture the peacefulness of enjoying a cup of coffee on a morning like you have described. I would have never thought to go out for breakfast, but what a fun idea especially if it includes a trip to see those darling children. The picture of them in the window is soooo cute.

Somehow the decorating. wrapping and baking always get done, but a spontaneous morning like this will be much more memorable than the everyday activities.

All of your photos are beautiful and I would definitely enjoy time spent on that chaise lounge in front of the fire.

southerninspiration said...

oh, Judy, what a grand day!!! It's all so beautiful and you posted some fabulous inspiration pics!!! Hope the rest of your day is equally as nice!!!


Christine said...

Aren't you glad you went out?
I am because the picture of your grandchildren is so worth it!
Good for your husband and good for you!

Unknown said...

Judy, thanks for sharing! I love it that you guys went out to breakfast in a romantic! I'm not a fan of snow at is that possible for someone born and raised in ancestors are from Norway and Switzerland???????????? And yet, I long to live on the beaches of North Carolina...hmmmm
I loved the magazine pictures! I totally look at magazines and dream about "my perfect house" I often think that maybe it will only be in Heaven that I will have that dream house...but I know that God knows even better than my wildest dreams what that house looks like and I have a feeling I'm gonna love it!
I miss you and all of my special friends in Lancaster Co. Please pass on some love from me to Barb Linds and Laur this Christmas...I MISS THEM SO SO MUCH! We always had a special Christmas together just the four of us.

I can hardly believe Lauren's wedding was already a year ago???? time really does go by quicker and quicker the older I get! too true!
take care
Merry Christmas
love ya

Jeane` said...

If the words went something like this: " have yourself a merry, little Christmas post", I would say "I just did!!!!". Very warm, cozy and cute (ok, the cuteness part might come from a partial reviewer, but oh well!).
Love you!

Judy said...

I rather enjoyed this snow-day via a visit to your peaceful, relaxing and unhurried on this last Saturday before Christams! Our snow changed to rain a few days ago...and has all washed away.

How fun to have a breakfast outing in a snowstorm...visit the grands...and forget about the 'to-do list' for just a bit. The memories will linger on. Thanks for sharing!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

The photo of your grandchildren made my day!

Connie said...

I also enjoyed your snow day and I agree going out in this weather was worth it for that precious photo of your grandbabies in the window!! Absolutely precious! You couldn't have set that up any better.

M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S!!


P.S. My tree is not done either nor all my baking and I'm watching Mason for my daughter and SIL so they can enjoy their company party tonight. Oh well...what will get done...will get done!

Barb said...

Judy, this is such a lovely post. You are truly such a gracious and lovely woman. I feel so very blessed to know you.

Thank you so much for your kind comment on Bella Vista. I am indeed very private and my post was hard for me....but I am so glad I did post. The prayers of all of you have made me feel so much better. I just wanted you to know this.

I hope your Christmas is blessed beyond your expectations.

Hugs, Barb ♥

Shelley said...

Seeing those kiddies precious face at the window waving goodbye to you made me smile! Looked like it should be a magazine ad!! Be careful driving out in that snow! And thank you for your compliments on our cozy cabin. I'm already dreaming about the next one when we retire one day... Let me know if you want to come to Michigan and visit. You have an OPEN invitation!!

Sheryl said...

so glad you took time out to spend with your hubby and stop and see family. those are moments we can't get back. all the wrapping and decorating will be still be there.

loved the picture of those precious grandchildren. what a blessing that you are able to be an active part of their lives.

i pray this Christmas is everything you desire it to be. may you be filled to overflowing with all the God has for you.

i love you.

PAT said...

Beautiful snow! We have snow too, but just a little bit.

Merry Christmas!

Betsy said...

That snow is sooo pretty!! And the picture of your grandchildren is the cutest thing I've ever seen!! :)

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful post Judy. I loved ♥ that picture of your little grandchildren. It sounds like you had a wonderful time with your husband. Life is so precious and time so short. Your blessed to have those kinds of moments. It sounds very romantic to drive in a snow storm with the one you love. Knowing you like I think I do, I bet you have a very beautiful christmas tree.

Tracy said...

How beautiful! I could sense the calm peacefulness in these moments you absolutely gorgeous! That photo of your grandkids completely melted my heart. If I saw those faces looking at out me, I'm afraid, I'd have to pull right back into that driveway! ; ) Blessings my friend!

a woman who is said...

Just loved your photo journal. I was delighted to find I was not the only one with my tree still not up by Sat. Just the twinkle lights I had managed the night before. I am hoping your tree got done, and all is going well even with taking such a fun break from all the holiday buzz. I just love a good snow storm myself :)


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