Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday Afternoon Fun

Today is a beautiful, cool Fall day. I am trying to get my many chores done, but I am being distracted... is the reason for my distractions. Two little sweethearts have been staying in our home for the last few days. They distract me, over and over again. I don't mind it though, not one little bit. Here they are with Banjo. Banjo was purchased from a second hand shop, a few years ago when their brother was quite young. His grandpa had the idea that he would teach his grandson early on in life, to ride horse. The reactions were different than he had hoped, so Banjo spent the first few months in our attic, waiting and hoping to someday be rode again. Now, Banjo has come down to the living room, and is actually quite popular. All three now want their turn. Funny how things like that work. This afternoon, only two are taking their turns with Banjo.

I have not learned to master my time, the time for hair, make-up and dressing. Here is what happens immediately when I get up from doing my make-up...this little one crawls right up on the chair, and copies me. She copies so many of my moves that it surprises me. I was not aware that she was studying my moves. I watch her as her actions lead her from one area of make-up to the next. How precious!

Her younger sister copies both of us, in her own unique way. I realize that she has not gotten a real grasp on the make-up sponge thing, as I watch her rub it over her head. But she is watching her older sister intently. Yes, I am holding her as she is sitting on the bathroom counter, just in case her mother is reading this blog.

The eye shadow comes, where does that go? The little wand goes up and down her cheeks and nose. I wish I could have captured the lines she had up and down her face. She was concentrating and totally immersed in what she was attempting to do.

How do I get this lid off of the bottle? She knows it has to come off, but how???

Just need to finalize the make-up application, and then it is off to play. Am I advocating make-up for the young? Absolutely not. Am I reminding myself and perhaps you, of the way they copy us, the way they pick up so quickly the routines we practice each day, and the words we use around them? Absolutely!
I am thoroughly enjoying this Saturday afternoon (distractions and all), and I do hope you are, too!


Christine said...

Oh how I know!
It is an art when you have just one grandchild but TWO? Well, that must be next to impossible.
Getting ready has never been so entertaining.

lindsey said...

What beautiful grandaughters you have.....yes I too have enjoyed watching little ones learning the art of grown up tasks. I am glad that Banjo is now being ridden and enjoying life out of the attic, I am sure he will have many more little people climbing on him.

Anonymous said...

Oh that was so precious. I have no little ones around now. Won't have until grandchildren start to have children. Our first grand to be married in May is 25. That is amazing that she got all the growing up and education she wanted before she said yes. Got one grand that is 30 and not married. Hope all 10 have the integrity to wait til the right time. Of course, who knows the right time. You are so right they copy us alright.

Melinda said...

Just how darn cute are they??
Too cute. Enjoy!


Judy said...

How sweet they are...and ready to meet the day!

My distractions...all four of them...just left for home. The house looks a little (well...a lot)like I have been distracted of late. There was next to no time spent in front of any mirrors this morning.

Anonymous said...

Your granddaughters are beautiful ♥ They look like they are having a grand time doing girly things with you. You must have so much fun with them. They are at the perfect age where they want to learn.

Stacey said...

Oh they are so adorable! You captured some precious moments there.

Judy, come by and read the post I just has something to do with a mirror.

Everyday Sparkles said...

What adorable girlie girls. I used to love playing with makeup. Still do actually. Fun times.

Love the pink and white ballerina jammies.

Love the Decor! said...

Oh too sweet!! What a wonderful way to spend a day!!
I am anticipating the birth in April of our very first grandchild :)

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I can see why you are distracted! What cutie pies!

a woman who is said...

Those are precious moments indeed.

Distracted by the grandbabies, my favorite task in the world:)

Kathleen said...

Oh my ... what simple beauty. No wonder you're distracted. The girls are just too darn precious, summoning the grandmother in those of us that relish such times.

I love that they're having their fun times in their jammies. It's a "thing" in this family ... everything's more fun when p.j.s are the involved.

Oh the memories these girls will have for many long years to come!

Blessings and prayers for you & yours,


Shelley said...

So sweet that your granddaughters are studying you and trying to copy you w/ applying makeup. They are at such cute, curious stages in their lives.

Tracy said...

Precious! No doubt you're making memories with those sweet little angels they will remember forever. = )

Sheryl said...

i love this!! a couple of things really hit me. first of all, like you said, the little ones are watching and they COPY.

the other is the fun that you allowed them to enjoy even though it meant a clean up. as moms, often we don't let our kids do things because...well because we just don't feel like it! i love the way you love your grandkids.

and they sure are cute!

Connie said...

Judy....what precious grand girls you have and what fun she had doing what grandma does. My Bella would put on her makeup when I did...I had a small pale eye shadow with a small brush. Then she always had to have lips too!!

It is fun when they COPY you and you realize that they copy EVERYTHING you do. You have as much fun with your grandkids as I do and I love seeing it. Thanks for sharing.

We would have such a good time sitting with a cup of tea or coffee and sharing our grandma blessings.

Love you, Connie

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

udy this brought back fond memories of when my daughter was a young child and she would try to put on "her makeup" when I put on mine. Children are great imitators and it is good always to keep that in mind when we are with them :-) Your grand daughters are beautiful! I hope I am blessed with a few someday.

I also had to smile at your comment to your daughter about holding the little one't ti amazing how they don't realize we once raised them safely? LOL!

Brenda Leyland @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

Oh my.... what treasured moments to capture.

Reminds of the time when my nephew got into my sister's mascara -- he was about 18 months, yet he knew where it was supposed to go, except little hands didn't quite get the stuff on the eyelashes.

He was mortified when he looked in the mirror and saw black streaks of the stuff across his face. We sure got a chuckle.


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