Monday, October 5, 2009

Things That Are Old, Suit Me Fine

I was not going to post again today because I could not think of one thing to post about that was of interest. Does that happen to you? In fact, I thought maybe I should just take a break from blogging. But, then I realized how much I would miss all of you and the joy blogging has brought me, because of you. So...I decided since I am totally perplexed as to why my roses are doing better now than they did all summer...I would share my breakfast centerpiece with you. Since I do not have a green thumb, I find it quite puzzling as to why, in October are my daisies and roses blooming beautifully, while most of the summer they did not. As for the old coffee tin...I really like all old coffee tins. So, I put my roses in this one, as a centerpiece for my table. Do any of you remember the "Mother's Joy" coffee company, or did any of you drink that brand of coffee? My daughter gave it to me as a gift and I keep it on display in the coffee area of the kitchen.

Speaking of old kitchen of my very favorite cookbooks is "Mary Englebreit's Sweet Treat Dessert Cookbook". It is not because of the recipes in it, although they do look like good ones, but it is because of the outstanding photography portraying old kitchen dishes, cans, linens and displays. I sometimes open it to one of the pictures that I like and set it on my iron book stand. Each picture brings back memories for me...of either one of my grandma's kitchens or my mother's kitchen. I love those memories!

I like this one because of the old coffee cans, and because I like anything coffee.

I like this picture because I remember my mother using those tin containers with lids, although I do not remember why she used them. I think it might have been to make her gravy, when she put the flour and water in them, shook them, then added them to her hot chicken broth. Does that sound right to you?

I like this picture because it reminds me of my dad's mother and her wonderful coconut cake. It has been so many years since I tasted that, but I do remember how good it was.

So, if you like old kitchen pictures, and if you are fortunate enough like me to find this book at a discount Ollie's store, you may be happy to have such a beautifully illustrated and photographed book as this one by Mary Engelbreit.

Since many of you have asked, our daughter's twins are due very soon. Maybe that is why my blogging mind seems to be quite foggy lately.
Hope you have a good Monday today!


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Judy I often scratch my head and wonder what I will blog about. I am not much of a crafter or decorator or thrift shopper, nor to I have a showcase house like so many bloggers whose blogs I love to read. I like to cook, but I am not a foodie blogger. All I seem to have is photos from my jaunts around my local area or into Manhattan, so they will motivate me to do some research about what I've just seen and write a blog post about it. I hope they will be helpful to visitors who may visit NYC one day or even locals who pass historic sights every day yet know so little about them.

I began blogging because I felt it would help stimulate my mind ..and it's more fun that doing crossword! Meeting so many nice people and learning so much from other blogs has been a great benefit to me.

I think blogs can be interesting no matter what we show or write about as long as it is meaningful to us. Your blog today was just perfect! I own some of Mary Englebreit's books and I enjoy looking at her photographs also, because they remind me of the 50's and 60's when I grew up and bring back cozy memories.
I never heard of Mother's Joy coffee...the coffe that alwsy makes me nostalgic is "Chock Full Of Nuts" because I rememebr hearing their jingle on the radio so often when I was a little girl. My mother and I would sing along!

I will keep your daughter in my prayers for a easy and safe delivery. It will be so excitng for all of you to greet those twins!

Judy said...

Things that are old suit me just well! From your old tin to the book of favorite oldie-goldies...they are all special (especially when you throw in a lovely bouquet from your fall garden).

Each of our blogs have their own little 'personality'...and that is what makes them all interesting to visit. I go to some and come back encouraged...I go to others and come back enlightened...and at others I have a good laugh. It's been such a fun experience...and I have met so many wonderful people...and I would miss all my blogging friends a lot if they were no longer out there!

I think all of us have times where we need to step back for a wee break...and that's OK. My thoughts and prayers will be with you these coming you await the arrival of the twins.

Stacey said...

For someone with no idea, you came up with a great post! Your old coffee tin is adorable. I've never seen that brand before. What a cute thing to collect and it's just so homey with your flowers in it.

Now about those flowers, I don't remember where you live but often here plants kind of rejuvenate as the weather cools and we get rain. How do you like that run-on sentence? It's a bitter sweet blessing to me. Everything looks pretty again but we know it's all about to go dormant.

I'm awfully glad you are my blogging friend. :) Keep up the wonderful ideas.

Lindy D. said...

Those tin cans with tops are used for making lump-free gravy. One of my grandmothers made terribly lumpy gravy and my mother gave her several of these that she never used!! (Maybe that's why I don't eat gravy to this day!)

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Fall roses are often the best as they don't seem to be plagued with mildew and aphids like the spring blooms are.

My floral puzzle: why are sweet peas blooming here????

And why is there snow on green aspen leaves? Crazy mixed up seasons around here lately.

Good for you to post even though you felt spent. Keep it up...we are all waiting to see the double blessings soon!

Happy@Home said...

I understand your feelings about drawing an occasional blank for blogging topics. I have been feeling that way myself of late and also considered a blogging break. I will say you came up with a lovely post today. I almost gasped when I saw your flower arrangement. Of course the roses are gorgeous, but I am in love with the coffee can. It is such a beautiful shade of green and I love the name "Mother's Joy". I had never heard of that brand of coffee, but if it were around today I can assure you I would be drinking it :-) I noticed you mentioned that you have a "coffee area" in your kitchen. I wonder if you might consider doing a post on that? I, for one, would love to see it. Just a thought.
Your Mary Engelbreit book looks like one I would enjoy. I have a few of her books, but not that one. I will have to be on the lookout for it.
I will be keeping your daughter & you in my thoughts and prayers as you await the birth of the twins.

Ticking and Toile said...

just found your's lovely! Love the mashed potatoes! Beautiful pictures!

Take Care!


cherry said...

You have not gottn your banner yet? You should very soon. Love the flowers in the old pretty

Kim said...

I do not have a blog myself, but there are a lot of them that I read every single day. I can't imagine trying to write every day, but please don't stop just because you can't think of anything to write about. I love when you share a simple recipe or just about anything. The normalacy of your life is appreciated by many of us.

Brenda Leyland @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

Not having anything to say, Judy, I think you did very well!!! Enjoyed the posting.

I too think sometimes I should take a break from blogging, but it's the same as you, I'd miss you all too much.

So little or much to say, let's all keep posting!! After all, we don't go for coffee just to hear the 'big' stuff, sometimes it's just the everyday stuff that comforts and brings pleasure too!

Happy Day! Glad you posted!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

What a cute post!!

(Oh, and no, there wont be any babies in my future, sadly... doesn't change the fact that I still want them!) lol

Dale said...

Dear Judy, I have one of those tin cans with make gravy with, although it often leaks during the shaking, so I use my tupperware one more often. I do love gravy, sadly enough! Gravy Bread was a great finale to some of my childhood suppers. And I recall singing the Chockful of Nuts song...which is a good description of my mind these days. You are doing VERY well, dear friend.

Lauren said...

I'm so glad you posted...and would miss you terribly if you took a break from blogging. Although I do understand what you mean about being uninspired...I've had a lot of that lately. It will pass. I appreciate you sharing what every is on your mind!

I had to comment, because ironically, my rose bush is also in full bloom right now. It is a new one that I got for my birthday in June. I guess it needed a couple months to get acclimated to the soil -- and then, like magic, it started growing like crazy, and is covered with blooms. Crazy!!

I smiled at the gravy shaker -- my mother had one as well, and somewhere along the way, I inherited it. That shaker, and a little gravy master....and of course the drippings/ flour & water...and voila! Gravy extraordinaire!

And the coconut cake ....oh my, that sure looks good. Growing up I had a friend who's mother made a beautiful coconut cake every year for her birthday. At the time, I didn't like the taste of coconut, so I'd turn my nose up at it. My how times have changed....that photo has me craving a trip to a local tea shop called Sweet Memories. They have the most heavenly coconut cake ...EVER!!

Wonderful post my always!!

Love Being A Nonny said...

Would love to see your *coffee area* and I can't wait to hear about the birth of the twins!

Anonymous said...

You did so great not having anything in mind to post about. Sometimes that makes the best subject. You just never know when something will really jive with another person. I don't know of that coffee. I grew up during and after WWII and used rations so I don't think we even had coffee. I do remember 8 O'Clock Coffee.

Anonymous said...

Good evening Judy, I think we all get blanks about blogging sometimes. Like you I just love all of my bloggy friends. Your centerpiece is very pretty. You always post such interesting and beautiful things. One of the highlights of my day is coming here. exciting is that!

a woman who is said...

You know we just like keeping in touch with you and your life. What ever you blog about it is interesting to keep in touch. I love seeing your fall roses and your special tin you used to display them in. Cupcakes look yummy and I just might have to bake a batch myself.

Praying for you daughter and the delivery of those twins!

Post when you can and when you can't we will still be here...till you do again. Don't let blogging be something you have to do...but something you want to do :)

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I do love old tins and love to see how everyone is reusing such things. In Jordan you can see people using tins for all their potted plants and all the different colors of the tins make for a wonderful display -- as beautiful as the plants themselves. Waste not, want not! This is my first time to visit your blog -- came from QMM. I enjoyed my visit. Best wishes to you, Tammy :)

Linda said...

Thanks for your beautiful post, Judy! I love your pictures and thinking about old, nostalgic things. My roses are doing fabulously also! I attribute it to the weather and no bugs!

Shelley said...

Judy - I would miss you so much if you took a few days off blogging! You always have great blog posts! And I love how you used these old coffee cans. You must be counting down the days until your new grandchildren arrive....very exciting!!!


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