Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Birthday!

This past weekend, we celebrated the birthday of this special person in our lives. Our youngest daughter turned "22". Even though it was quite a busy weekend, we did have fun honoring her, and all that she means to each of us.
She adds joy, humor, and a helping hand in all of our lives.

Pictured with one of her cousins who happens to be her dear friend too.

Wishing you joy in the year ahead!


Stacey said...

Happy Birthday sweet daughter!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday young lady. Both the girls are beautiful. They look so health and happy.

Landis said...

You said it, she definitely brings joy and humor wherever she goes. :) I can't believe she's 22!! Happy Birthday!

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter! = ) How wonderful to have a cousin who is a dear friend, too!

Barb said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter, Judy.

Barb ♥

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Happy birthday to your sweet daughter! She looks so much like you Judy!

Christine said...

You have had quite the month!
Lots of birth-days.
Peace to all.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

First of all, Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter. I hope she had a lovely celebration!

Also, thanks for your very kind comment on my blog, Judy. You are so thoughtful. I am so glad you are enjoying my posts and my recipes.

You really have to try the Green Tomato Cake. It is truly delicious! Just remember to cut the tomatoes very small. Enjoy.

Stay Cozy, Carrie

LisaShaw said...

Beautiful!!! Happy Birthday to your precious daughter.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter ♥ My cousin is my best friend.

Blessings each day said...

Happy birthday to your lovely daughter who radiates the love and kindness you have given her!

blessings and hugs,


Bethany said...



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