Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Why I blog? 

One of the main reasons that I blog, is to share the vast amounts of beauty that I find
in my daily life.  Beauty that needs to be shared, in a world where so much ugliness
seems to be bombarded before us constantly.

On Saturday evening, my husband and I visited one of my very favorite places.  I had
my Samsung phone with me, and captured these pictures.  The uniqueness, the design,
the colors, and the variety was simply too much for me not to share with you today.
Yes, it might be picture overload on the post, but if you visit here at a time of the
day, where you have extra time, and maybe a hot cup of tea, I think you will enjoy
your visit.

This place is owned by "Anthropology", and it is run by many people who seem to
care deeply about it.  It is a gift shop, a greenhouse, a lighting gallery, a café, and
an event destination, all combined in one.  As we walked through it all, with no
time schedule, we were so impressed by all the love and care that was put into
every aspect of the place.  Relax and enjoy the few of the many aspects of the
place, that I captured.

Individually planted pots were everywhere, and exceptionally well done! 

So many types of lighting to use in endless ways, indoors and out.

Succulents in all of their varieties, colors, and plantings.  I thought the little
glass jars were a great idea for favors or small gifts.  I pictured them hanging from
a limb secured to a porch wall.

Glass bowls and canisters were filled with potted flowers and greens.  What a
lovely way to dress up a dinner table, or side table in the living room.  Just beautiful!

The strands of crystals, and old windows, hanging from the ceiling, made walking
into the café, seem almost magical.

The linen section was creatively displayed and every piece was ironed and folded in
organized fashion.  We liked how they used old ladders to showcase the linens.

We never saw a prettier seed packet display!

Did you know there were Will Rogers Zinnias?  I want to grow them:).  I want them
to look just like these pictured on the packet.

But, we must admit, one of the highlights of our visit here, was the pot of warm
bread, right out of the oven, that was served to us, on a wooden slab, with an
old crock of butter, sprinkled with a bit of sea salt.  We cannot adequately express
our memories of eating every single bite of that amazingly delicious bread!
We don't usually eat bread with our meals...usually that is:). 

This evening was the best way for me, to celebrate my 63rd birthday.  I hope
you all like that I shared a bit of my visit, with you here.

I am thankful to God for His gift of another year to me, and I am also so
grateful for the vast amount of natural beauty that He blesses us with, in our world. 
I appreciate you all too.  It is always fun to share things with you.  I feel like
it would be somewhat sad, if all these colorful pictures, stayed filed in
my computer, instead of being shared with you.  I like when you share your
pictures and happenings with us too.

Wishing you moments of joy, in your Wednesday!


Happy@Home said...

Your blog has always been a beauty-filled place and I have enjoyed my visits so much through the years. Happy Birthday to you, Judy.
It was so much fun to visit this lovely shop with you. What fun it must have been to be there in person. So many pretty things and the creative displays are over the top. I think that is the type of place that will live on in your memories for years to come. I particularly like the daffodils and pansies in the basket and the crystals hanging from the ceiling. Oh, and that bread in the clay pot. Charming!

sharon said...

Happy birthday! What a lovely place to visit! Thank you for sharing.

Judy said...

Happy 63rd birthday to you, Judy! I, for one, am so glad that you blog and continually inspire all of us to 'make everything beautiful'! Thank-you for taking us along with you to that quaint and lovely shoppe you visited. So many fun and beautiful things.

Wishing you many blessings in the year that lies ahead!

Christine said...

Happy post!

corners of my life said...

Birthday blessings to you Judy. These photos are so charming - I have looked through them several times. Thanks for posting.

Stacey said...

Judy, something just made me think of you!! I lost my blog list awhile back and forgot so many of my favorite blog friends. I'm happy to find you again.

Hope you had a very happy birthday. Now I'm adding you to my list and nudging you to post on your beautiful blog. ♥


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