Friday, January 22, 2016


Young, inexperienced, but "so happy" dad embarks on the journey of parenting, many
years ago. 

It was through...
~trial and error
~some sleepless nights, and some very long days
~lots of smiles and yes, some tears
~times of not being able to understand, and times of being too puzzled to even try to understand
~lots of laughter, and
~at times, moments of emotional upheavals( especially with a wife and three daughters in one
household )
~much prayer...short prayers, long prayers:), and heartfelt prayers and prayers when you had
no idea as to how to pray.

Before he knew it, she grew up, is now an adult, a wife, a mother of her own little ones. On Wednesday evening, she cooked and served him a delicious dinner...

All on their family's "special birthday plate".  He was so blessed by it all!

So you see, all you new dads out there, it does happen.  Before you know it, they grow up
and you are the "older" guy. It might have left you with less hair, and your face may be a
bit more weathered, but without a doubt, you would say it has been worth it all!
Looking back, it seems like only yesterday on one hand, and hundreds of years ago,
on the other:).

What a gift our children are to us!  And, yes, the prayers are still ongoing.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Jeane` said...

Thank you mom! That was so sweet and true.You and dad did a wonderful job at loving and rearing and praying for us!

debi said...

Such a sweet post, full of precious memories...
Just from reading Jeane` blog, she is a dandy!


lindsey said...

Beautiful post with lovely photos, you are right, the time goes so fast and we parents go from being so 'wet behind the ears' and thankfully with God's grace and guidance move through the years gathering wisdom along the way. Then we become grandparetns and watch our children on that same journey.


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