Friday, January 15, 2016

You might have them in your attic.  For sure you've seen them at the Salvation Army stores.
The many old tins, in all shapes and sizes.  You especially find them in abundance, at
Christmas.  Most times, if you are like me, you are looking for ways to get rid of
them.  Not so, my friend Judy.  No, she is a "recycle queen".  Here is proof of my claim.

She made this for my desk, at Christmas.  Every time I walk past it, or pull items from it,
I think of her and her artistic skills.This is what she wrote on the card that
accompanied this gift;

"The 3 tiered "tray" was lovingly made by Rick and me.  It used to be Christmas tins
with lids, from Goodwill.  I explained what I wanted to make with the tins and Rick
got the hardware and helped me with it.  I pictured it on your desk filled with the paper,
stickers and stamps that you use to create gift tags and cards for people".

It makes me like recycling even more than I did before:). 

It makes me feel more organized now.  I need help in that area.

I like how they placed the old, stained, Clark's wooden spool, on the top of this tray.

While I am sharing their creativity, I want to show you this date keeper, that they
made for me last year.  This piece also sits on my desk, and helps me keep track of
the days, as they rush by.  Behind this metal, are a stack of the printed months of the
year.  If I remember, I change the months, and the days.  Most of all, I like the way it
looks on my desk.

I've always admired the skills of these two, and now you all will agree with me.  By the way,
this is the same friend, who did the craft involving her flip flop photo book, that I shared in
one of my old posts.  Like I mentioned, she makes the "old" look good again.

Speaking of the "old" and the "younger" is my husband and his adoring little namesake,
spending time together.  I love that they both have the same name.

Thanks for stopping by today!  Never forget, there are lots of ways that "old" is good!
I shared some great examples of that here.  Maybe you will reconsider what you want to
do with your stored tins.


Happy@Home said...

Now that is a very clever way to recycle those old tins and you are making good use of it. It looks like the ideal thing to organize your card making supplies. The spool on top is like the icing on the cake.

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Well, that's as cute as can be and best of all, it's handmade. And, love the picture of your Hubby and Grandson. How precious!!!!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

A truly unique, useful and attractive craft organizer! I love the flip calendar too. Such a sweet friend to make them for you.

Christine said...

I love tins and could have a real hording problem if I didn't control myself. This is a great way to take what I have and re-purpose some of the older ones.

{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}

lindsey said...

That is a very clever storage item! Some people just 'see' the final result and then make it. I love the grandpa/grandson relationship too :)


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