Friday, January 8, 2016


It was an cool, sunny Sunday afternoon, and we were spending it at the
home of our middle daughter and son-in-law's home.  It was a perfect day for a walk
around the lake.

It seemed more like a Spring afternoon.  The joggers, the dog walkers, the geese, and the
boys playing baseball on the grass field, all were taking in the beauty of the day.

 Our two little grandchildren, their dad and their dog, also took in the blessing of
a day filled with sunshine.  We walked, they ran.  I love the vitality
and vigor of young children.

There was time for basketball.  The little ones, with great enthusiasm, attempted
to show their skills:).

We stopped by the lake shore, where stones were in abundance.  They quickly retrieved all
the stones they could find, and took turns casting them into the lake.  I thought it was a
perfect time to give a simple life lesson.  Grandmas do that, right?

I showed them the "ripples" in the water.  With each small stone thrown, ripples happened.
I told them, that one little stone, can create endless ripples, and that even though they are
small, their lives can cause ripples in their daily lives.  I am not sure they comprehended
it, but I do know that they learned a new word.

I've thought about the "ripple effect" since that afternoon.  I thought about what I
read in the last few months that said, "Never underestimate the valuable and important
difference you make in every life you touch.  For the impact you make today has a powerful
rippling effect on every tomorrow."

"Just as one drop of water creates countless ripples, so does one gesture of kindness
or love change countless lives."  ~Randi J. Fine

I know, without a doubt, that these precious little ones already make a big difference
by their words and actions each day, especially in my life.

And, in the midst of our walk, I discovered this pretty flower, still sharing it's beauty, even
though it was the month of January.  Another tiny blessing, in our afternoon walk.

Our weekend visit with this family, was an unexpected visit.  One of those, when you get
the call, you step into action, and all because this little guy (our youngest grandson ), was hospitalized, due to RSV.
It is a virus that can be critical to babies. 

Thankfully, he is back home and recuperating nicely.  We are so grateful!

I'm grateful that you stopped by today, and remember, "you" can make a difference
in other's lives.


janie said...

So glad your little grandbaby is recovering.

Have a wonderful weekend, Janie

Preppy Empty Nester said...

Great photos of your beautiful family. So glad the littlest one is home and on the mend. Enjoy your weekend.

Stacey said...

Take care of your little grandson and keep us posted.

I always love seeing your posts pop up. :)

Debbie said...

Great photos and wonderful thoughts and insights as always. Gives us lots to think about. We have had a couple of our grandbabies hospitalized with that nasty virus in years past too. Glad your little one is on the mend now. Have a good week-end!

Echo of my Heart said...

So thankful your littlest is better, God is good!

Enjoyed your photos :-)

corners of my life said...

"Never underestimate the valuable and important
difference you make in every life you touch. For the impact you make today has a powerful
rippling effect on every tomorrow."

This is how I feel about your blog - thank you.

Judy said...

Glad to hear your little grandson is on the mend! Thanks for the reminder that a small act of kindness can have a big effect. :)

Anneliese said...

Judy, my hubby saw me looking at these pictures and asked who this was. I told him and I said, "It looks like they are at Fishtrap Creek, right here!" It is so easy to imagine your world. I love how you took that opportunity to talk about the ripple effect. It added another aspect of my New Year's desire to seek God's purpose for me each day. So good that your little grandson is well again.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

So happy that sweet bundle is getting better! Sweet outing with your family and such a delight to find the blooming flower! Love that you used the opportunity to share a lesson with your listening grandchildren. Those moments have rippling effects!

Jaybird said...

Just a note to say that you make a lovely difference in my life!!! I SO enjoy your blog!!
PTL for your sweet grandson! It is heartrending when the littlest ones have problems.
Blessings to you and yours!

lindsey said...

Im so glad your grandson is recovering, praying for growing strength for him


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