Friday, January 29, 2016

On a cloudy, cold Saturday in January, my husband and I took
a 2 hour drive to visit our good friends in a neighboring state.  We were blessed by a
kind, gracious invitation to their home for dinner.
As we drove, we remarked about the many and rapidly changing cloud formations
before us.  But, despite the somewhat dismal and overcast weather
conditions, we were eagerly looking forward to our visit.
We knew the hospitality would be warm and the food would be
most delicious!

You see, this dear blogger friend, is an outstanding cook!
I am telling you right now, if you want to try a meatloaf recipe that is
moist, flavorful, and exceptionally good, you might want to visit
her here;
I did notice, that she has two meatloaf recipes included on her blog.  If I remember
correctly, it was the first recipe that she served us, but I can almost guarantee
that either one would be delicious!
Meatloaf on noodles...the perfect comfort food dinner for a
get together with friends!

Joining us at the lovely dining room table, were their daughter and their grandson.  The
conversation was most interesting, as we found ourselves learning many new facts about
robots, movie animation, and various other fascinating topics.  For both my husband and
I, "table talk" with old and new friends is one of our favorite ways to pass time.

After dinner, we moved into the family room, where we were so fortunate to share in our
hostess's newly acquired skill of making crème brulee.  What an extra special treat, along with
cups of hot coffee, and more conversation. 

Quietly, this beloved family pet joined us, during our visit.  He has been with them for
many years, and appeared to be right at home in our midst.

Life is short!  Time with friends adds so much to making it all better.  We treasured the
memories of our moments here, and look forward to more times together during our
remaining years ahead.


debi said...

Friendship in it's purest form is a soft place to fall, a constant companion near or far away...


April said...

Sure looks like you had a wonderful visit. I agree...time with friends is to be cherished!

Anneliese said...

These are the best kind of friends! When you get spoiled like that you want
to pass it forward.


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