Thursday, October 1, 2015

For at least 40some years, I have been attending the country fair in my home town. 
Each year, the main street of the town, along with many other side streets, have been
closed down to traffic, and set up with food stands, game stands, rides with colorful
lights and loud, fun music.  It takes place on a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and
culminates on Saturday night.  The highlight of this fair, is the big, crowd gathering
parade on Wednesday evening. 

Last evening, my husband and I, along with our daughter and her children, headed
out to attend the activities for yet another year. 

 I wish I could share the sounds and the smells of this event, with you.  As we walked along,
I could not help but smile, as I observed once again, small town America, putting on her
finest, and  sharing the festive happening with so many people.

I could not imagine how this all must appear to all the children.  First stop...the "chance" of
winning your very own goldfish.  Their mother purchased one can of ping pong balls, with
the children each taking their turns to throw the balls and have them land in one of the
colorful bowls.  I stood back watching them, as they so carefully, attempted this feat.

As you can see, there was only one winner.  Ever so carefully, he carried this beloved goldfish
throughout the entire evening.

Next on the agenda, was their introduction to the fair staple, of funnel cakes.

Two funnel cakes, divided among six people, after being sprinkled with powdered sugar.
Believe me, they devoured every bite of those deep fried cakes. 

The flower display room was next, with so many entrants presenting their prized flowers,
plants, and arrangements.

This huge, beautiful dahlia caught our attention.  The vibrant color is big this year in the
fashion world, and would certainly capture the attention of everyone, in any garden.

This colorful, creative arrangement, was a favorite of my granddaughter and me.  We were
sure every teacher would be so blessed to receive it as a gift.

As the evening progressed, we took our coveted street side seats, thanks to my cousin
and her family, and waited for the parade to begin.  One could feel the anticipation, when
the first drums were heard in the distance.

The men who had served in the military were honored first, as they proudly marched down the

High School bands shared their talents too, as they marched past us.

The evening also presented time to catch up with family.  Here our daughter and my
cousin shared moments of conversation and laughter.  We were all grateful to her, for
our great seats.  Thanks Karel!

Huge tractor trailers, tractors, combines, were interspersed throughout the parade, along with
so many colorfully decorated floats. 

This hot air balloon demonstration caught everyone's attention, with the fire and the roar of the burner..

Before long, it was all over, and we headed home.  Everyone of us will treasure our
memories on another special hometown fair parade.  I was curious, does your hometown
have a fair or a parade?


lindsey said...

This Looks so much fun Judy, I love country fairs too. Your grandchildren are growing up so fast! Lovely family photos :)

Happy@Home said...

How fun for all of you to share the magic of the fair together. Lovely photo of your family. I am amazed at how tall your grandchildren are getting. It doesn't seem that long ago that the twins were born.
So sweet to see that goldfish going to such a good home. The dahlia is beautiful.
Our town doesn't have anything to compare to this. The NC State Fair is in Raleigh which is about 2-1/2 hours away.

Stacey said...

Looks like so much fun! Your grandkids sure are growing up. :)

Judy said...

Now that looks like a great country fair! I can almost smell the funnel cakes from here. Let me say it as well...your grandchildren are looking so grown up! I'm with you...the teacher bouquet is the best! It looks like a delightful evening all around...including front row seats for the parade and a take-home fish for one lucky guy!

Anneliese said...

No fair like this here! I want to say that's not fair! Looks like a fun community event!

Christine said...

It always is better when you share with loved ones, isn't it!


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