Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hi, I 'm back!  We spent time with our daughter, son-in-law, and grandson in the Midwest.
Celebrated birthdays.  Caught up with each others lives.  Took in the exceptionally
beautiful Fall scenery, while hiking trails and strolling by lakes.

The colors were brilliant!  The air was cool!  The time was too short.

It took a while to reacquaint some with others.  In fact, it was bit devastating at first.

We had time for coffee and fruit together.  Rare time to just sit and talk.  I am convinced that
"time" is the best of gifts that we can give to each other, and yet, a sacrificial gift to say the

This sign was sitting on their fireplace mantel, and I found the words a blessing.

The weather led us to believe that winter was right around the corner, although those on the
many sailboats in our view, were still attempting to prolong it all.

Our two gifted tour guides:)  They know their state so well, and are so happy to share
it all with us.

Huge homes graced the shores of some of the lakes we passed, with colorful
leaves adding to the beauty of it all.
Speaking of beauty...walking into one of the local mall stores, we were
overwhelmed with the exquisite attention to details that we found in
this Restoration Hardware Store.  Breathtaking! 

We visited a quaint, bustling cupcake shop, founded and run by one of the winners on the
show "Cupcake Wars".  It was a treat just to walk into it's doors, and sit in it's small dining

One little guy was especially happy with his cupcake choice. 
And, was thrilled that there were stools to sit on that were his size. 
After too brief of a time, we boarded a plane for home, holding many
special memories in our hearts.
Thank you for stopping by today.


Stacey said...

Looks like fun, Judy. So glad you got to go and I do agree with you about time. Just got back from 3 days with my dad. :)

Debbie said...

Soo glad you were able to have this time with your daughter and her little family. I know all too well how wonderful that is to get time to just sit and visit and talk and BE with each other. Such good pictures! Soo pretty there. We are going for a few days for Thanksgiving to see ours and I am counting the days! Have a good rest of the week!

Judy said...

So true...that TIME is the best gift. I'm sure it never took much TIME for the little guy to warm up to you again! How nice to be able to spend some TIME in the Midwest with your daughter and family. It looks like you had the best of TIMEs!

Have a wonderful day! Judy


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