Friday, October 9, 2015


Recently, I received this gift as a hostess gift.  I can't tell you how much I liked it!  It was
from our oldest daughter and her family.  They collected these eggs from their very own
chickens.  They always have an amble supply of eggs for their big family, in the chicken coop
behind their barn.  They take turns collecting the eggs.  I must admit, eggs never
looked so attractive sitting in my refrigerator, as these eggs did.

Every time I opened my refrigerator, there they were, and they always made me smile.  You
might wonder why I have a container of egg beaters behind the eggs, but I was using that for
a recipe I was making.  As you can see, their eggs were front and center:). 

I share this post, because I just read that today is "Happy World Egg Day"!  Did
you know that?  Me neither, until I read it on my "Hungry Girl" update email.

Speaking of eggs...I almost always have bags of our favorite "Steamables".  There are a
variety of bags of these small potatoes.  There are baby reds, golden potatoes, and
fingerlings.  The instructions tell me to steam them in the closed bag for 8 minutes. 
I then open the bag and place them in a pyrex bowl.  I save them in my refrigerator,
and use them in so many ways.  One of my husband's very favorite ways to eat these
small wonders, is when I brown them, sliced with butter in a pan. 

I add the sliced potatoes to the buttered pan, along with salt, pepper, and a bit of garlic
powder.  When they are browned and crisp, I break eggs into the pan, on top of the potatoes.

I then sprinkled shredded sharp cheddar cheese and cover with a lid, and let it all cook
together on medium heat.  When it is ready, I slide it all onto a dinner plate and serve it
with buttered toast.  This is so simple that I almost hesitate to share it with you, but it
does make him happy, so here is it. 

I use up these soft, cooked potatoes for so many meals.  Sometimes I slice them when
they are still hot, right out of the microwave, and add a tiny dollop of sour cream.  When
I do that, he eats two or three of them.  What makes these a stable here in our home,
is the speed with which I can cook them, and how tender and delicious they taste. 
Another nice feature of these bags of potatoes, is that they are often, buy one, get one

Another meal I make with the potatoes, is to make a white sauce, add a bit of sour cream,
browned hamburger, green peas, and cook together.  Pour over the halved and fluffed potatoes,
and add some shredded cheese.  I serve this with cole slaw or apple sauce.  A hot
cooked meal in no time flat.  We both like that!

What we like even better though, is this our sweet egg collector!

Thank you for stopping by!  "Happy World Egg Day" to you:)!


debi said...

Beautiful eggs, loved the potatoes and will be looking for them!

Loved the photos from Grandparents day too!!


Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Oh, I've got to look for those potatoes here. I use the Steamables all the time but have never seen these. And, yes, the little egg collector is adorable!!

Judy said...

Your egg collector is the sweetest!! Love that they gifted you with some of their freshly collected eggs. And thanks for your recommendation for 'Steamables'. I have never heard of them before...and will see if they are available over here.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hello Judy! It's been awhile, so I came by to say hello and scroll through your recent posts. I saw how big your grandchildren are getting and some of your happy events.

These potatoes sound like a nice inconvenience! Very often a five pound bag of potatoes is too much for just two people and I find they get eyes and go soft, so having microwave potatoes like this might mean less waste.

Hope you are having a good autumn!


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