Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Day one...Grandparent's day and breakfast for first graders.

Day Two...Grandparent's Day and breakfast for third graders.  Fortunately, this week,
we were able to attend both breakfasts, for three of our grandchildren.

We brought our coffee, she purchased her breakfast at school.  Together, we sat at
the small cafeteria tables, along with many other grandchildren and their grandparents.
I looked around the dining room, and could not believe that we are now part of the
"really old" age group, in all of these children's minds.  When everyone was finished
eating, we started asking each other the questions lined on the table before us.

Did you ever...sleep in a cabin or tent? 

From the dining room, we headed to the classroom, and for a few minutes, we walked into
their world of school, meeting their teachers, sitting at their desks with them, and then
completing the papers that were prepared for us to complete.

If a child sitting near us had grandparents unable to attend, we would adopt that one for
the classroom session. Making them feel included, as we glued the colorful leaves on
the painted tree,

On the overhead board, at the front of the room, were some of the things that the children
thought about, when asked about what they liked doing best with their grandparents.
As I read the answers, I wondered which answer our granddaughter gave to this question.

Here I am pictured with my two third graders.  This morning was a special time
for their grandparents to visit.  Once again, we had breakfast and coffee together, and
once again, we all answered the list of questions that were placed on the table in front of

One of the questions we asked our grandchildren, was..."If you could travel anywhere, where
would you choose to visit?"  Our granddaughter immediately answered, "the Statue of Liberty".
What an interesting answer from this young girl!  We both thought to ourselves, that we need
to take them there, because of the important significance that statue holds for them and their

After breakfast, we visited their classroom.  She proudly showed me her organized desk,
and each one of her text books.  I must say, I was impressed with the way everything
was in order, and neatly stored inside the small desk.

Once again, if a child's grandparents could not attend, those who were there, did a
temporary adoption.  We felt honored to "adopt" our niece's son for the morning.
Each child was given a list of more questions that they were to ask their grandparents,
and were to record the answers given.  A few of the questions we were asked...

"What chores did you have to do as a child?",  "What television shows did you watch
as a child?"  " What music did you listen to as a child?"

In case you wondered the answers I gave to her questions, here they are;

Answer number one...The chores I remember doing, were cleaning my room, washing
and drying the dishes many times, and I clearly remember picking up the fallen
apples from our huge apple tree in the back yard.

Answer number two..."We did not have a television".  In fact, we did not get one until I
was in my teens.  My granddaughter could not believe this fact, making me feel
like I was ancient:).

Answer number three..."I could not remember listening to music as a child, except the
hymns that my grandmas and mother played on their living room record players:).
Once again, that amazed this precious 3rd grader.  I am sure she will think back
over these strange answers again.

We were both reminded again, of how fast the world has changed, and continues to
change.  But, more important than that, we left the school, feeling more blessed than
ever, for the gift of grandchildren.

I am curious, how would you answer the above three questions about your childhood?

Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting with their "old" grandmother today.


Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Well, we did not have a TV until I was 8 years old but my Dad played the big 33 albums all day long and all night long. I can still hear George Beverly Shea singing "His Eye Is On The Sparrow." My goodness,that really dates me and my Grans will never even know who George Beverly Shea was. What a shame! Cute, cute post!!!

corners of my life said...

Looks like you had a special time on both days. I remember clearly the first time (as the teacher) at our school's Grandparents day when the grandparents were my age - not older. A turning point.

I am also on the "older side" of grandparenting as I didn't have children until I was 30 and the same is turning out to be the norm for my children. Perhaps it will keep us young?

lindsey said...

Such a great post Judy! and so good that you got to attend all the Grandparents days :) A visit to the Statue of Liberty would be a great trip out for you all :)

Christine said...

How fun!!!
Memories is what it is all about.
PS, you two don't look old enough to be in the cafeteria with a grandchild!

Judy said...

Just so you know you were not alone in being deprived of a parents never got a television until I left home! What fun to be able to attend 'Grandparents Day' in your grands classrooms. I see a 'field trip' to the Statue of Liberty in your future. :)


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