Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The old farmhouse was built in the 1700s and lovingly restored years later.  Then due to
unforeseen circumstances, the house set empty for years.  I am sure we can't imagine what
happened to the farm, while no one lived on the property and no one took care of the grounds.

Until this couple got an opportunity to purchase the place and slowly, with much hard work, skill,
perseverance and dedication, they brought it to what it is today.  It is an exceptionally
lovely Bed and Breakfast in the country, hosting guests from all over the world.  These
two offer a warm and gracious welcome to all that enter the door.  Last evening, we were blessed to be guests at a special dinner hosted by close friends.  For my husband and
I, it was a reacquainting of old friends from long ago.  Our children went to elementary
school together.  We had not seen them for years.

The front door entrance, where immediately one felt most welcomed.

We admired all the work these two did, to make this place look like it does.  The
attention to detail, the hours of lawn work, weeding, trimming, and upkeep that
was done, was most impressive, especially since it was done along with working
a full time job, and running a thriving Bed and Breakfast operation.

The pond, even in the rain, was beautiful and serene.  They told us the story of how long it
took them to clear it out, after they bought it.

He built this chicken house, where they raise their own chickens, and the other side which is
for the Alpacas that they also raise.

Fresh eggs to serve for breakfast every morning.  The big white one is a duck
egg, and he told us that their ducks lay eggs at many different locations on the
property.  He said that duck eggs make great omelets.

The friendly Alpaca, appeared curious as to what was happening around him.

Tiny lights, lit up all the old, restored pieces of furniture, giving a cozy ambience to
every single room.

They showed us one of the restored guest rooms they completed.  The headboard was an
door purchased on sale from Home Depot, for $ 10.00, then painted to look old.  We liked
the way he placed the lights on the door.  What a beautiful, yet inexpensive way to
create a headboard!

As we stood looking at this handmade fire pit, we could only imagine how enjoyable it
would be, to sit around the fire with guests from different walks of life, and share

On a warm, stormy evening, we sat in the room overlooking the pond, while the thunder
and lightning took place outside the surrounding windows.

The venue was chosen and the delicious meal cooked by this couple.

The owner's wife picked and arranged the simple, yet so pretty bouquets, using
flowers from the side of the road and those she picked on the grounds.  The touches
of burlap added to the country feel of the dinner.  The real sprigs of lavender on each napkin,
was another extra special touch.

What an interesting joint effort on the part of these two couples, the farm owners and the
couple who chose the farm to host their dinner.  Much of the conversation revolved around
our dear friend Rick,  who was a part of our group, and whose life ended so suddenly a
few months ago.  We talked about our last time together as a group in February, and the
brevity of life.  We truly missed both him and his wife(who was out of town)!

And then, God gave us a rainbow.  There in the western sky, after the storm, was a lovely
rainbow, reminding us of God's promises to us.  It was the perfect way to end the evening.

I hope that you liked spending a few moments at this restored old masterpiece.  I wanted to
share it, because of how impressed we were with this couple's DIY efforts over the years, and
how grateful we were, that our friends discovered it, and shared a dinner in it's rooms, with us.

I want to thank my sister for taking all of the pictures throughout the evening.  It was a gift to
each of us.


lindsey said...

This is a beautiful house Judy and what a lovely table setting ! Your time must have been full of fun. We have alpaca in a field near our house, they are lovely animals to watch

Debbie said...

Oh how I enjoyed this little tour of this lovely, lovely home. Soo restful and beautiful. I can just imagine you enjoyed every single minute of this time. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Anneliese said...

What a beautiful place! I love the personality this couple put into this bed and breakfast. A place I'd love to stay at! I like how she used different charger plates for the table setting and coordinated it so beautifully with flowers and napkins. Isn't' it great to have friends who care about little details to make your time together special?

Judy said...

Wow...what a beautiful place! I can see why it is a thriving B&B. Thank-you for sharing your special 'retreat' with us. How special to have a rainbow in the sky to end your evening.

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Thanks for sharing, what a labor of love these folks have done. And, what a treat to share a special dinner with special friends at such a special place. Wonderful memories!


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