Saturday, June 27, 2015

It is Saturday!  My daisies in the flower bed are now in full bloom.  Their little faces greet me
each time I walk out the back door.

Our youngest daughter, husband, and little guy headed back to the midwest, after
spending a week here.  We had so much fun!

I miss this little guy's peanut butter covered face.  I miss his laughter and his tender heart.
But, distance is a part of our lives at this point, and I have to just appreciate the times
that we do have together...right?

It helps me to have a project to focus on, and this was a simple one that I went for.

Our small powder room received a new coat of paint a few weeks ago.  The one wall needed
an updated look.  I took one of the rose photos that I had taken of my rose bloom,
and had it enlarged to a poster size, at Costco.  The price...$ 6.00, and done in an hour.
I framed it in a dark wood frame that I purchased months ago, at a going out of business

I like the way it makes the wall "pop". 

The lamp above the mirror is similar to one at my grandma's house, years ago.  It is 15 years
since we moved to this home, and like always, tastes change.  Today, I would choose another
design for a lamp, but I still like the way the cut glass offers a soft lighting in the room.

I often place a few fresh flowers in the small vase, on the commode.  Flowers always
add to the décor of any room, in my estimation.  I also keep a bottle of room fragrance
spray in the powder room, along with extra hand towels.

A year of so, I purchased this pretty container of hand soap at Marshall's Store.  I
like how it's flowers and colors tie in with this room, and so I keep refilling it with
more hand soap.  I think designers do a great job in creating attractive containers for soap.

By the sink, above the light switch, I hung this faux wreath, on a rose hook that
my daughter gave to me, along with a tiny glass vase, tied with jute.  Of course,
I had to place a rose in the vase.  That is it.  Just a few new touches.

The beauty of the rose though, by itself, is by far the best of all décor I could possibly
add to any room.

Heavy rains are due here all afternoon and evening.  With the warm temperatures and the
abundance of rain that we have had lately, I am sure I will be able to keep a rose in the
hanging vase all summer long.

Thanks so much for stopping here.  I am not sure why you do, but I sure do appreciate
it! :)


Stacey said...

I know you must miss your daughter and her little family. It's hard to live far from someone you love. We did it for so long and sure are grateful to be closer now.

Your little bathroom is very pretty! You had some great ideas in there that I just might copy.

Happy@Home said...

Daisies make such a cheerful greeting right outside your door.
I know you must miss your daughter and her family. Glad they could come "home" for a nice visit. Our one and only grandson is now living in another state and I miss him too.
I like how you decorated your powder room. What a great idea to enlarge your rose photo and frame it. I didn't realize that could be done at such a reasonable price. The fresh rose is beautiful and the perfect touch for this room.

Debbie said...

What a wonderful idea on blowing up one of your GORGEOUS pictures to a poster size and framing it. I was just thinking this morning when I popped onto to your page that you have the most beautiful headers of anyone I know in blogland...I LOVE them. So I can just imagine the beauty of this pic. The whole bathroom is just lovely. Trust me I certainly understand and sympathize with your heart on your loved ones living far's not easy. And for me truthfully I doubt it will ever change as they buy more farmland and put down deeper and deeper roots. So like you I thank God for the times I get to see them and treasure the moments when I do as they fly by. They needed a babysitter last night as they were going to a wedding and her FIL is in California [he usually does their sitting] and she told me Sam told her, "just ask grandma to fly out and watch me mama....she would want to I know." And how right he is....I love the he KNOWS he's loved. Have a good day!

Christine said...

I understand the emotions of seeing Loved Ones leave and missing them, even before the door closes!
I understand keeping busy to over come the distance and time.

corners of my life said...

A reality that we must accept - distance is a part of our lives
Well said . . .

Judy said...

Love all your special touches! How nice to have framed artwork that is one of your own photos. So pretty...and meaningful! And the fresh rose on the hook...a perfect detail.

Sorry you had to say 'good-bye' again!

Anneliese said...

I like you own framed artwork and I understand the need to have a project at this time. I've done that too.


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