Tuesday, February 17, 2015

President's Day, 2015.  The Pillsbury Company and the Reynold's Wrap Company helped
this grandmother fill up some hours of our day.  Let me fill you in with a few details;
~It has been days of bitter cold temps, and intermittent snow storms.
~There have been some vacation days due to the holiday.
~All outdoor activities have been alleviated.
~Five housebound children and one very tired mother, were rescued by this
  grandmother yesterday:), and that is where the above mentioned companies came into

They surrounded the kitchen island.  Some more enthusiastically than others.
I pulled out all the stops in making this seem like a fun activity.

We took the hotdogs, the crescent dough packages, several cheeses, Jane's Crazy Salt,
and some Hershey's chocolate, and we began.

We cut the seamless dough sheet into pieces.

I showed them how to roll up the hotdogs.  And for those who preferred
cheese in them, I showed them how to slice them and place the cheese in it
before rolling.  Eagerly, they all took their turns at rolling.
When we used up the hotdogs, we made cheese bread with some of the
dough, using a bit of butter, wedges of The Laughing Cow creamy cheese, and then
sprinkled Jane's Crazy Salt on the dough before rolling.
At this point, they were taking the task seriously.

With the remaining dough pieces, they spread lightly with butter,  generously with
Hershey's Chocolate Spread, and rolled them, before placing in the oven.

Waiting until they were baked, was the most difficult part.

When their grandfather came home for lunch, and the oven timer finally rang, they were
ready.  Let the fun begin!  Yes, you do see right, they are using Christmas paper plates,
but they did not care one bit.

The hotdogs and the cheese bread were devoured, leaving the anticipated
chocolate rolls next.

We sprinkled the warm rolls with powdered sugar, and I must say, they did not last very

That took up the lunch time hours, but what do you do with a long, indoor afternoon?

I had been in a coffee shop recently, and they had an "aluminum foil artist", creating the
most amazing pieces of art, out of aluminum foil.  I thought to myself, that artist had to
start somewhere in his life, so maybe I could produce some of my own aluminum foil
artists:)  Maybe.  I once again, enthusiastically presented my idea, and fortunately, they
embraced the idea.

One chose to design a Christmas tree, raiding my sticker department.

One decided to design her name, and was happy when I gave her the blank wooden sign to
use.  She asked me to hot glue the letters onto the board for her, because she said, "that her
mother told her that glue guns were dangerous".

Speaking of "dangerous", one little guy produced this sword, which he continually
pronounced as it was spelled, "sword". 

Here we have the American Flag creation.  She started gluing white stars on
it, but did not have the patience to continue.  Proudly though, she waved her
A snake with black eyes painted on it, was this little guy's choice.  Who would have
thought, that a roll of aluminum foil would occupy a few hours of time, for this
"desperate" grandmother.

In the later hours of the afternoon, their grandfather took us all on a drive through
the country, which produced the questions of, "where are we going, and when will
we get there?"  They had no idea, that we were driving only to pass the  time, giving
a few educational lessons along the way, and answering questions like, "what are mules?"

We couldn't imagine how cold these children were, with the temperature's showing
11 degrees, and the winds were strong.  They didn't seem affected by the weather
though, as they made their way home from their school.

The grandchildren went home last evening.  This morning, this is the sight they woke up to,
with another two hour delay from school.  Winter is a beautiful time of the year here, but
the indoor hours, with five young ones, can be a real test for those in charge. 

I appreciate you stopping by today, and for allowing me to share my "profound" ideas for
passing time with children:)  Maybe you might pull out the Crescent Roll or the
aluminum foil today.  I hope you think of me if you do.

Thanks for stopping by!


Ruffles and Roses said...

that was brillant .....good going grandma !
Im going to forward to my daughter in law as she has 2 little ones home this week...
we are snowed in on cape cod....thank you Lorraine

April said...

I love how you made lasting memories with your grandkids! They'll remember the fun for years to come!

Kathleen said...

I just spent a week with our youngest sons boys, 20, 16 & 4. Obviously the olders were no work at all, and the little guy is always full of ideas. I could have used your brilliant pass-times since on at least one occasion I was lunch for a rather large, stuff Boa Constrictor.

I can't help but think of the myriad memories you're sewing into those little ones lives.

Go Grandma!!

P.S. It was so good to hear from you today. A bright spot, for sure. Hugs.

corners of my life said...

You are just the best grandma ever.
I want to be you . . .

Just a little something from Judy said...

Dear Corners of my Life, Please don't ever wish that. I just do what I can to make it all work:) So sweet of you though!

Debbie said...

I loved this...both activities were brilliant! Trust me I have found myself in just such a position many times and the aluminum idea has never occurred to me....and I just know it would be a hit. I hope I remember it the next time I am looking for an activity to keep them busy. Enjoy your day!

Christine said...

Kids are amazing. Their imagination and fun came out with the foil art.
Just as yours did with lunch.
Spring is around the corner, really!

Jaybird said...

Good Job Grandmama!!!!
We did the rolls with sausages on Monday...it wasn't like your weather, but it was cold, wet and blustery....even in Texas!
Fortunately our gang is a tiny bit older, and even though phones are banned at our house, they found books, board games and piano playing to fill the hours :^)
Blessings to you,

Happy@Home said...

I believe you and your husband could easily win grandparent of the year awards. I can well imagine the energy of five housebound children. You both planned well in keeping everybody busy, happy and well fed. What a great idea you had with the foil. How fun to see each of the unique creations the kids came up with.

Anneliese said...

I can't believe the weather you have been having! I'm sure your daughter appreciated the quietness in her house while you took the time to cook and create with the kids. I think of the one quote you had for valentines about love blessing the giver as well as the receiver. Hope things warm up for you soon. Spring is coming.

debi said...

What sweet ideas of things to do with the grands! I know Jeane` surely appreciated the time to herself!!

You are the best Grammy...


lindsey said...

Oh goodness those sweet little faces! We have just had three of our grandchildren stay without their parents and we had so much fun


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