Tuesday, February 10, 2015


"a way of regarding, understanding or interpreting something; 

a mental impression.

synonyms;  idea, conception, thought, belief, impression, judgement, estimation...

This thought has been on my mind for a long time now, and I finally thought I would share
what it is that I have been thinking.  Blogging, Facebook, Instagram, and whatever
social media you choose to follow, are all avenues in which I find "perception" to be
somewhat of a problem.  Some of you have been visiting my blog for a while, and
I must tell you, that whatever your "perception" of me and my life may be, you most
likely surmised it from the words I share and the pictures I provide for each post. 
Therein could present a problem.  A first glance, these first three pictures appear
quite different from what they actually are, especially the first picture.  Instead, they
are taken at the Bass Pro Shop, where two little guys were in their glory.

Looking quite brave in their actions on this picture, one can quickly deduct that what they
see is not the real thing.  That is how we as humans are.  We look. We conclude quickly as
to what we see.  We immediately draw up our own conclusions, and then we walk away,
carrying with us, those conclusions as facts and reality.  That is truly what I see, and hear
from many different conversations and comments in regards to what people see on
social media.

For example, you may look at this set table from a dinner we hosted on Saturday evening, and
you may see my new goblets and think, they look like she may have purchased them from a
Crate & Barrel Store.  You may look at the glass plates on top of the white dinner plates and
deduct immediately that she has so many dishes, I wonder where she stores them all?
You may look at the red lanterns and think, "I can't believe she buys new lanterns just
to use for a dinner party!  You may deny having any of these thoughts, and that is good
for you, but many of us do have them.  When in reality...

~the goblets I did recently purchase from the Dollar Tree Store, for a 1.00 each, because
  I did not have twelve goblets to use.  I do think they are attractive and sturdy considering
  they are a dollar store purchase.

~the crystal plates are borrowed from my mother, to use for the evening.  I liked how
  they looked with the colors of the table scape.

~ the red lanterns are the ones we used in the church, when our oldest daughter got
   married years ago, and I enjoy pulling them out of the attic to use at Christmas
   and Valentine's Day.

So, there you see, that your perceptions, and my reality, are two totally different things!

Another perception you may get when you when you look at these pictures, is to think that
I can cook:), and that you are sure I must have served an amazing dinner!  Oh, how I wish that
was true.  I chose to use the same menu that our daughter served recently, at her dad's birthday
dinner, scrumptious, fall-apart pork tenderloins, and delicious potato/cheese casserole.  I
carefully followed the recipes that she so kindly shared with me.  But, for some unknown
reason, my pork did not fall apart, in fact, I had to get a sharp knife to cut it, and slowly
my heart was sinking, as the guests were waiting for their food.  The potatoes, for yet
another reason, were not the soft and the melt in your mouth quality of hers, which I was
also deducting, as my husband and I were filling the dinner plates, once again, bringing
my heart even lower.  So, you see, that sometimes, more often than we care to admit,
things are NOT as they seem to be.  Sometimes they are, but more often they are not.

You may look at this tray of desserts and think to your self, that they look so good!
Well, the blueberry ones were, the chocolate ones were not.  I was striking out at this
dinner party!  But, friends are gracious, and forgiving, and accepting, and isn't that a
wonderful thing?  We did have a fun evening together, despite the food.  And, there is
always the next time, where possibly I can redeem myself with the cooking.  I think
part of my problem with the meal could have been the intimidation I felt, knowing I
was preparing a meal for a group of very good cooks.  Do you understand???

I say all this, and share all this, to explain to you, why it is that "perception" can
constantly get us into trouble in our lives.  I close with this last example ...
I look so happy and relaxed on this picture that my sister took right before the dinner,
but inside me, I had checked my pork tenderloins right before the picture was taken,
and realized they did not turn out like they should have, and I was trying to decide at
that moment, whether I could run to the nearest restaurant and pick up another entrée
to serve.  Really, that is truth!!!

So, just remember, whatever it is you pick up from the enjoyment of looking at
social media, it just might not all be as it appears.  That is a fact of life!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and for giving me opportunity to share my heart
today, via examples of two little guys and wild animals, or with a Saturday evening
dinner party.


Happy@Home said...

I appreciate and can relate to your honesty in this post. It is easy to make things look different than they might actually be in the world of social media. In many ways it concerns me especially for the younger generation.
I am sorry to hear that your dinner didn't turn out as expected. I know that sinking feeling of realizing things didn't turn out quite as planned.
Somehow I am thinking that your guests appreciated your beautifully set table and gracious hospitality so much that the food flaws weren't even noticed.

April said...

Very poignant post, Judy! Have a great day!

Liz said...

I only knew the first picks because we have been there! lol...You are right about perspective. My first thought when I saw your festive table was, dang I hope she does a close-up shot of those beautiful plates! Sorry the food didn't turn out as you had hoped! Happenes to me too! lol..

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

It happen to me often because I cook and bake often. Something might look so good and have wonderful reviews and is just so-so or worse. But, friends are always so gracious and know the really blessing is in the interaction with each other.

I love your creative skills in setting a lovely table with items old, new and borrowed, and your giving heart with notes and gifts that are so thoughtful. But above all else, your genuine interest in other people and making them feel special. Those things last far longer than any meal, extravagant or humble. And that's not just perspective... that's real!

Debbie said...

Oh goodness do I ever get what you are saying. Many things are often perceived that just aren't true. And many many things are assumed quite often, and lets face it, we all have a way of presenting things so that they appear in the best possible light. But I agree somewhat too with Lorraine. Some things can't be hidden and are just facts. I never visit here feeling like any airs are being put on or that you in any way are not who I have perceived you to be from the very beginning. A wonderful christian woman who loves her God and her family and friends, and is a gracious hostess who is anxious to please her guests in any way she can. Your simple ideas for decorating and gracious hospitality are always apparent, and the way you share them with all of us is soo appreciated. I LOVE those plates of your mom's btw. Soo pretty. Oh, and if I counted up all the times my food didn't turn out the way I had envisioned or planned, I think you would be amazed, lol. But I have a feeling your guests never gave it a thought. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Anneliese said...

There is so much truth in what you say about perceptions ... especially today when we tend to post about the best parts of our life. This is why I appreciate what you say here. We've all been there . . . I have flopped meals, burned buns etc. No one is perfect. I appreciate your honesty here and I want you to know that I never feel like you are trying to make your life look perfect. You are brave to try a new recipe with guests and I'm sure they appreciated the work and hospitality.

Marilou said...

Well, I was one of the fortunate ones to be invited to your home for dinner that night. And a wonderful dinner it was! It tasted delicious and I ate every single bite on my plate! It was a FUN and FABULOUS evening full of great fellowship and gut-wrenching laughter! I can only HOPE to be invited back to your table again!! (Hint hint) 😉

Stacey said...

Judy, I read this post the other day on the Ipad and never did comment...

You couldn't be more right about perception in pictures which is one reason that sometimes I like to show the goofs or messy parts. :) The point of your hospitality was to welcome and love on people. You did that. You've given a great reminder that we don't have to use expensive things to welcome others or set a wonderful table. Your friends are never going to remember that food but they'll remember you and your husband.

I'm Pinning this to my Encouragement board.

http://bitsandpieces-sonja.blogspot.com/ said...

Right you are! Perception and reality are not necessarily the same at all. I can just imagine your sinking feeling when the pork did not fall apart. I have SO been there! We had a huge Christmas open house one year and whatever mixture I did for the huge glass punch bowl, when I added frozen lime juice to the fruite mixture, the whole bowl turned army green! It was army green all night long. I felt sick, but the guests took it in stride and poured the sorry punch into their cups and enjoyed it.

Your table is beautiful and friends are always gracious and probably loved that you are just like them! :)


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