Thursday, February 5, 2015


A "camping" birthday party.

This little guy had his first birthday last weekend, and I was not there to help him celebrate.
That made me sad.  But, his parents are quite creative, and fortunately they had his family
and friends to help them all celebrate "him".  With the help of her in-laws love of camping,
the Oriental Trading Company, and ideas from Pinterest, her and her husband put together
this fun "camping party".  When she sent me these pictures, I thought you might like if I
shared them with you.

I like seeing their creativity and artistic skills developing, as they put ideas together
as a couple.  She told me that they appreciated being able to borrow her in-laws camping
equipment to help them with this theme.

She said that this s'more's bar was the biggest hit of the afternoon.  The three heaters
did a great job in roasting the marshmallows.  This idea she gained from the endless world
of Pinterest.

I like how they displayed the cupcakes, using the wood grain plastic table covering, a log and
pinecones from the Midwest countryside.

Simple and fun ideas to celebrate a little guy's first birthday.

He was quite pleased with all the love and attention he received at his party:)  Now,
on to the duties of being a "1 year old".

Top picture from Google.


lindsey said...

Im not sure if I realised or not that your grandson has the same birthday as mine? Gilby was four yesterday and had a camping party on Sunday!! and we werent able to be with him either :(
Oh dear, poor old grandmas!
Your daughter made a wonderful spread and your little guy looked as ahppy as can be. Isnt it great that we can see photos instantly?

Happy@Home said...

They did such a nice job with the camping party theme. Everything looks so cute and the s'mores bar is a great idea.
I know it must have been hard for you to have missed being there in person, although I'm sure it warms your heart to see how they worked together to create this lovely day in honor of your grandson.
Happy Birthday to him. He is a cutie.

debi said...

Oh goodness he is adorable! Love the camping theme party, really cute.
How hard for you to not be with the birthday boy..thank goodness for photos!!


GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Oh, such a fun 1st birthday party for a very sweet baby boy! I remember when you shared about his birth and now he is already here for a whole year!

I have enjoyed seeing all of the special details making his camping party so adorable!


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