Friday, May 2, 2014

Spring is here in full bloom.  When I looked out of my window in one direction
today, I saw the neighbor's beautiful, flowering tree.  When I looked straight ahead,
I saw my "almost ready to bloom" peony bushes, laden with buds.  When I looked to my
right, I could not believe it, but there sitting on the stone wall, was this adorable, alert
little chipmunk.  It made me realize that I do need to take more time during the week,
to look out of my windows, especially this particular window of my house.

Can't you just picture all of the soft pink and red peonies that will soon overtake these

The friendly visitor.

Another surprise awaited me.  I stopped in at a friend's home to pick up an item, and to
my delight, I found my daughter and grandcildren were visiting my friend.  My little
blond granddaughter most excitedly, pulled me toward the wooden shed.  It was
obvious that she elated about something, and could not wait to share it with me.
We opened the wooden door to the shed, and there in a cozy, warm, carpeted
setting, were the cutest, recently born Labradors.  Love and admiration were
written all over her pretty face. 

All of them were females, but one.

My friend proudly holds up one of the litter.  For her and her husband, this is a whole new
adventure, and one they are handling enthusiastically. 

It was not difficult to see the family's love and devotion to their dog and her new litter.

I knew what she meant, as I watched the proud mother tenderly feeding her pups,
making sure not one was left out of the process.

Life can hold some fun surprises, and they can happen from something as simple as taking the
time to look out of one's windows, or by stopping in at a friend's home to make a pick up. 

Thanks for stopping by.  Wishing you a few surprises of your own this weekend, and
the time to enjoy them.


lindsey said...

Such beautiful views from your home Judy. And those puppy photos are great, I love to see your granddaughters sweet face. I am looking forward to our grandchildren meting our new puppy :)

Debbie said...

Oh how wonderful! Your grand daughters face is soo sweet. Thanks for sharing this!

corners of my life said...

Great photos and good advice:
take more time during the week,
to look out of our windows . . .

Stacey said...

It's definitely spring there. :)

Flowers, chipmunks, and puppies - sounds perfect to me. We don't have chipmunks here. They are so cute!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Oh, what sweet puppies! I totally get your granddaughters enthusiasm and love!

Happy@Home said...

So many pretty sights out your windows. Those little chipmunks make me smile. They are so speedy.
I can imagine what a thrill it was for your granddaughter to see those little puppies. The photo of the momma feeding her puppies just seems so appropriate in this Mother's Day month.


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