Monday, May 5, 2014

I grew up in farm country.
I spent many hours of my childhood, visiting family and good friends
who lived on farms.  I was a town girl, and for me, visiting
the farms, especially the dairy farms, was always a special
adventure.  I have memories of helping my cousins,
going into the meadows and herding the cows into the barn at milking
time, helping my grandfather collect eggs in the chicken house,
and spending hours climbing hay bales in my friend's barn.
I can still smell the aromas that went with country life, and I treasure all those
memories.  I clearly remember my dear aunt cutting up lemons to make
her delicious fresh lemonade, which she was known for, and I
remember all the bowls of milk that my friend and I filled for her
plethora of farm cats.  She had names for each one and told me that
they were all her good friends.   Oh, and I clearly remember also, that
my Uncle had names for everyone of the cows that he would milk
twice every day.   My parents would fill up tin milk cans of fresh milk, which
they got from the cooler in the "milk house".
You can imagine how happy we (my brothers and sisters and I) were,
that my parents would make it possible for our family to spend so much
time in farm country.
I guess that is why, I find myself taking so many farm pictures,
especially in the Spring of the year.  To me, it is all so beautiful!

The greens and browns add contrast to the landscaping.  The views are breathtaking!


There are an abundance of animals everywhere one looks.

Bicycles as transportation are seen everyday, and often those riding, carry cardboard boxes on

the metal rack, which holds groceries purchased, or personal belongings.  It seems like a more

simple way of life to me, and perhaps by now in this post, you can understand why I think that.

With all this said, I would like to share a blog with you tonight, that I discovered only recently,

and I think it truly depicts life in the country in an exceptionally beautiful way.  I am touched

every time I visit the blog, and if you find any enjoyment in country living, I know you will

find this blog a place that you look forward to visiting.  It offers a peaceful glimpse into life

on the farm.  It is  You can also find it in my

favorite's side bar.

Thank you for stopping by!


Judy said...

I just came from a lovely visit to The Murmuring Cottage. I would have left a note of appreciation...but couldn't seem to find a 'guest book' of any sort. Do you know who posts those beautiful country images?

I enjoyed seeing the countryside in your area in spring. Beautiful, whatever the season!

Debbie said...

sounds so wonderful and I am anxious to try it out! Hope you have a good week!

Just a little something from Judy said...

Judy, I do not know who posts those beautiful country images, because I do not think that info is given. I am so thankful for the blog though, and the exquisite views it offers into the farm life.

myrtlebeachweddings said...

Hi dear friend. I don't get to visit as often as I'd like, but will occasionall stop by for a peek. Love the country landscapes, reminds me of the Sunday drives my Daddy used to take us on. Hope all is well and I hope to start visiting you more regularly.

Happy@Home said...

Oh gosh, Judy, what lovely memories of your time spent on the farm. I have always lived in a suburban setting, but secretly yearn for living out in the country. It looks so peaceful there.
It was such a treat to see the sights from your area today.
I have been following along at the Murmuring Cottage since last fall. I could scroll through her lovely photos for hours.

lindsey said...

I love this post Judy. I too grew up in a town until I was 16 but we had very good family friends with five children who had a pig farm, oh how my brother and I loved sending days on that farm during the school holidays! Thank you for sharing that wonderful blog too, the photos shred on it are beautiful!

debi said...

Beautiful photos...I suppose it's the Montana in me..I always felt like I belonged on a farm. Hard work but I was never afraid of that. It just seemed like good living!


Anneliese said...

Having visited your part of the country I have to say I loved the beauty of the farms, so beautifully cared for.

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Yes, it does look like simpler times, especially the pic of the bike riders. Enjoyed this post and here's wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day weekend


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