Thursday, November 7, 2013

When it comes to 3:00 in the afternoon, while the little ones are here, I am always searching for
something to do.  Something where they will learn a bit, and something that they can help with.
Today, we turned to a soft spoken instructor on the Allrecipes network.  She was giving step by
step instructions on how to make "sparkling raspberry jigglers", and they were excited.
We had the boxes of Jello.  We had the gelatin packets and the lemon lime soda. 
Finally, it was time to start.

Carefully, we followed the instructions for mixing the gelatin and the lemon/lime soda.

They took turns stirring the raspberry Jello in the boiling water.  Next the cold water was added.
The steps were few and explained in a simple fashion.  They found the timer helped them
during the varying time slots required

After one hour in the refrigerator, it was time to flip the Jello out of the pan.  Thanks to a few added antics on my part, the anticipation was building.  I smile each time I see this picture.

Fortunately, it flipped right out.  The lady on the video cut perfect tiny squares.  I was not
too particular in this step, and believe me, they certainly weren't either.
They each were begging for a turn to cut it.
 The idea entered my mind as I was cutting it, as to how cute it would be to
use my tiny heart cookie cutter here, on Valentine's Day.  I pictured
small red heart jigglers on a white plate:)
Or, you might want to fill a plate with the tiny heart jigglers, and drop it off for someone
who is going through a painful time in life.  Wouldn't that be a good
way to let them know you love them?  Wouldn't it lift your spirits
if you were given a plate filled with tiny red hearts?  Just how my mind
works at times:)
The entire time through this small venture, I was surprised that they stuck with me,
and that they seemed interested in the process.
They could not wait until their paw paw got home, so they could tell him what
they did, and share them with him.

These jigglers do not do justice to the ones that the instructor did.  If you have time, you might want
to visit the website and see how her sparkling raspberry jigglers turned out.  It is a cute idea for a buffet or
for times when you have friends over and need a good tasting snack.   You can find her here;

All through dinner hour, they could not wait until it was time to eat their newly made creation for
dessert, and when that time came, they ate every bit of it...

...except for this plate they wanted to take home to their mother:)

As you know by now, a very little something for you, is truly all I have tonight.  Oh, and no there were not any memos sent out requesting all to wear purple:)


debi said...

so is so fun to watch their little faces during each step!



Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Judy I was going to remark on how you all were wearing the same color! You looked so young in these photos you could have passed as their Mother and not their Grandmother.

The jello jigglers look like a tasty treat and making them was a nice activity to do together.

lindsey said...

I love their little faces and how they lean on their elbows on the work top to watch how you turn out the jelly. Mind you...your face looks just as excited :)

Judy said...

What fun for your grands...and what a great looking bunch! My pre-school grands have enjoyed the same activity in my kitchen over the years. Easy for them to make...and something thy love to eat.

corners of my life said...

Perfect Grandma fun!

Anneliese said...

I was wondering about yous all wearing purple! Love the anticipation on their faces!
And you just look way too young to be a Grammy!


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