Friday, November 15, 2013

I passed them yesterday morning, walking to their school.  Across the fields they traveled, their
backpacks and lunches with them.  I thought to myself, as to how many different forms of
transportation the children in America take, to get to school.  I'm not sure there
are too many with this method.

I walked a mile to school every day, in the town I lived it.  My husband walked a mile to his school.
I think about those days at times, and conclude that life is so different in today's world.
I knew who lived in most of the homes I passed along the way.  I knew the crossing guards by

What form of transportation did you take to get to your elementary school?

In the morning, and again in the evening, I pass many farms.
Whether it is early in the day, or late in the evening, the farms offer a unique,
and peaceful scenery for all who pass by
As the sun was setting last evening, I was reminded again, of how much work
is required to operate a farm.  It was 7:00pm, and the farmers were
still in their barns and fields, busy at work.

I wonder if those young children walking the fields to their school, will continue the traditions of
those who own and operate the beautiful farms they grew up with?  I wonder if there will be as
many changes when they are grown up, as there were since I was a child?
I am most grateful to all those who work the fields and operate the farms. 
I appreciate their work ethic and that they are passing that same concept on
to their children.  I am thankful for what they continually teach me, as I drive
the many roads in my part, of our great country.
Wishing you scenes of beauty as you go through your day today.


Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Well, what beauty! We live in a farming community as well, not as beautiful as the ones you have pictured, but nonetheless, farms and hard working individuals that own and operate them. Our crops are mainly corn and cotton.

Oh, I walked to school only in the 1st and 2nd grade. It was about a block and my Mom thought nothing of seeing me out the door, all by myself to make that walk. What a difference nowadays. Mothers wouldn't let their little 1st grader hardly go to the mailbox without them by their side. Really unfortunate that our society has become such.

Happy weekend to you!

Stacey said...

So beautiful! The scenery here is absolutely nothing like the pictures you share. I hope that those kids will continue the traditions partly to keep urban sprawl from covering your land. There's nothing sadder to me than to see acres and acres covered with concrete.

Debbie said...

oh I LOVE these pictures. I walked to my elementary school too and cut across a big dairy farm once in a while too when we were running short on time, haha. NOT good on the shoes, lol. That is until it was replaced by a housing track! I just think it is a shame the way it is for most kids in today's world. They have to be soo protected, and I wonder at their future independence. My daughter's kids will know a VERY different life growing up on a farm. As young as they are it already is...riding around on tractors, and feed trucks and running and playing in the cotton seed etc. I love it for them. Enjoy your week-end Judy!

debi said...

Just beautiful!! I too walked a mile to Jr. High was considered fun! My elementary school was right across the street!

Kids now days seem to get very little exercise...and we wonder why so many are obese? Love the work ethic of hard working farmers and their children.

Have a blessed weekend!


Judy said...

I can attest to the beauty of the farmlands that surround you! Your neighbourhood was among our favorites on our recent road trip!

I too walked to school over a mile in the first grade. (Later...we had a school bus.) That would be unheard of today. I had no worries or fears...and trusted everyone. It is a different society today.


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