Monday, November 25, 2013

Once again, we gathered at our sister and brother-in-law's farm on a crystal clear, cold
and blustery Sunday afternoon.  We were celebrating Thanksgiving together, even though it
was a few days earlier than we usually do.  The hospitality was warm and inviting as many
of us walked through the old farmhouse doors.  The cinnamon candles burning and the aroma
of food cooking, instantly brought back many memories, as we greeted each and every one.

Every year we look forward to seeing what fresh dose of creativity will be exhibited on the dining tables.  Nature at it's finest comes alive as centerpieces, and each year we are amazed at how they
(the mother and daughter) who live in this double home, do it.  The old stone farmhouse is now
home to two families, and on this particular day, the doors between them are opened to make room for everyone.

My sister-in-laws, granddaughter, and niece's son enjoying rare moments together.

So much so, that the little one wanted to copy her great-aunt and help out in the
kitchen, apron included.
It all made for moments to treasure for years to come.

My nephew as a new dad and his precious daughter celebrated the day together.  Five weeks
ago, she entered the world and we all were eager to meet her.

Young and old alike tenderly welcomed her to the family.
Gracing the kitchen counter, next to the old kitchen utensils, was a sign
voicing our sentiments as we spent the day together.  "Enough"...whatever
we have at this moment, in whatever area that may present
itself, is enough, and we are most thankful!
Not one of us, at the Thanksgiving gathering yesterday, has any idea as to what the future
may hold, but we do know that our God holds the future,
and for that we are eternally grateful!
In a world that is rapidly changing, and unrest is part of the everyday events, we
are confident in His plan and purpose for each new day we face.
Being thankful helps us realize what we have is truly
"enough".  A reminder I need as I begin this week ahead of me.
I do want to tell each of you who visits here today, that I am
truly thankful for you.  Some of you I know, and some I don't, but
you stop here at ...just a little something for you...and you share
my simple happenings with me.  Thank you so much for that gift!


Becky K. said...

Love the sentiment of this post. All cozy and full of family thankfulness. Glad you had a wonderful day.

Privet and Holly said...

What a special and blessed
gathering, Judy. The view
from the farm is amazing!

I went all dreamy when I
read about two generations
living on the same property.
Imagine that. So precious.

Your grateful heart always
makes me smile. Not everyone
has the ability to see the
blessings that abound if
we really look : )

Happy Thanksgiving, sweet

xo Suzanne

Judy said...

What a great Thanksgiving tradition...gathering the generations together at that lovely farm!

I am taking note of the sign. Yes...if we are thankful, we always have enough.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving week.

debi said...

Lovely....happy thanksgiving.
Thankful for you!


corners of my life said...

What a wonderful family celebration. Lucky you . . .

Anneliese said...

I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day.. .
A hymn that a friend shared today and I had to think of it when I read your words about not knowing the future but knowing the One who holds u in His hands.


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