Monday, August 5, 2013

Were you ever greeted with a bouquet like this one, when you opened your front door?

I never was, at least until Saturday evening.  I opened the door to our dear, long time family friends, who were invited to dinner in our home, and this is what I found.  I still smile when I think about it.  And, the most interesting part, is that this dear lady grew these prized Gladiolas in her garden, and was generous enough to share them with us.  They certainly dress up my entire kitchen area.

And, we received a double doze of goodness, when their daughter and her husband arrived, with this gorgeous bouquet of flowers from her garden.   For this "flower lover", you can imagine the happiness these two gifts gave me.  Two gifted florists in our home, on the same evening...imagine that!

Knowing, as I prepared for the dinner, how gifted these ladies were, in the flower design area and the cooking department, caused me to be bit intimidated:)  

Earlier in the day, I asked my husband to stop at a country roadside stand and pick up some zinnias.  He brought them home, and I arranged them in some small glass containers.  With candlelight, zinnias, and some of my daisies, I set the table. 

In my book, candlelight at an evening dinner, makes everything look better, even simple little flower arrangements from a novice.  In reality, the tablescape is not the important aspect of a dinner, it is the people and the time spent together that are most important.  The conversation, the laughter, and the sharing from the heart are what creates the lasting memories.

My handsome helper for the evening.  I appreciate his help so much!  Not to mention, his sense of humor that he interjects throughout the dinner conversation.

The appetizer I served, was a cold glass of Fresca, with a skewer of frozen raspberries. So refreshing!  I got the idea from another talented lady, who you can visit here...

What a blessing it is in life, to be able to spend time with life long friends.  To give back in a small way, all that they have given to us in the past, and continue to give to our lives.  The bonus of the evening, is the colorful flower arrangements that now grace my kitchen d├ęcor.

Wishing you a good Monday!  Thanks so much for stopping by.


Stacey said...

The flowers are beautiful and it's so neat that they came from home gardens. Your dining room looks amazing too. Bet it was lots of fun. :)

lindsey said...

Wow your table looks wonderful and so inviting I know your guests had a great evening with you both. Those gladiolas are pretty, I used red ones for my daughters bridesmaids bouquets.

Debbie said...

oh my your right, those flowers were just gorgeous! Your table looks beautiful, and just right! Your "helper" looks nice Glad you enjoyed this time with your friends!

Anneliese said...

Your table setting and atmosphere looks inviting and beautiful! And like you said, it's the people that matter ... I'm sure they did not feel like it was a novice who prepared for them!

Judy said...

Love the flowers...all of them. And how special that they came from the garden of your guests. It looks like a great evening all around.ryonell

I'm thinking your version of the raspberry/fresca drink looks much nicer than when I make them! I like the skewer idea.

Jul Hoober said...

You are truely amazing my friend. A most gracious hostess, cook, decorator, and friend! I am honored to call you friend all these years.


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