Monday, August 26, 2013

White Hydrangeas

I have always been drawn to white hydrangeas.
A few weeks ago, a friend gave me a special bouquet of soft pink and white hydrangeas from her garden.
For some reason, the white flowers lasted longer than the pink ones.  I put the remaining white flowers into three separate
glass vases and set them on my dining room hutch.  They lasted for two weeks, and made me smile
each time I walked past them.

Last evening, my sister-in-law showed me her gorgeous hydrangea tree, 
overflowing with the most exquisitely beautiful white blooms.

I liked how there were touches of pink and green throughout each white hydrangea.

I knew there were white hydrangea bushes, but I never saw a tree with them on.

She hosted a dinner the evening before and used the flowers for her centerpiece.  This picture does not do the centerpiece justice because I of the camera I had with me.  She had candles and hydrangeas lined down the center of the table on a pretty linen runner.  It added a lovely, yet simple touch of elegance to the table.

On another is the first day of school for my grandchildren.  I am sure we can all remember our first day of school.  I can still feel the butterflies that I felt down inside me, as I approached the school entrance.  My sister sent me the above picture last week.  It was taken in 1965.
It is me and my brothers and sisters on one of our many first days of school.  Oh, how I smile
each time I look at it.  Interestingly, I clearly remember how "cool" I thought it was that my mother
made my sister a dress with the name "Barbie" on it, since that was her name:)  My mother made my
brown and white plaid dress too.  Actually, until middle school, she sewed all of our dresses for us, with her faithful Pfaff sewing machine. 

Two special little ones ready to face a new school year, and no, their mother
did not sew their clothing:)  You can see the bit of nervousness on their little faces.
I pray that they have another profitable school year ahead.
I pray for their teachers, their friends, and their safety as they begin this
new venture in their young lives.
Thanks so much for stopping by.
Can you remember your first days of school?


Love Being A Nonny said...

I remember my first days of school...mostly through seeing pictures. I always wore red and my sister wore blue. Our bangs were cut VERY short and we wore very short dresses!!! :)

I was a crier. Cried every day. My poor mom!

Judy said...

Love the 'first day of school' pic from 1965...and your new back-to-school dresses! Sweet pic of your grands as they start school this year. Funny, but I really can't specifically remember any of my 'first days' of school. I don't recall being nervous as much as excited.

Beautiful...the white hydrangeas. I remarked on how many hydrangeas trees there are in your corner of the world. So pretty!

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

What lovely hydrangea's. Loved that first cozy photo with the candles.

Love your header with your beautiful bouquet of summer flowers. Gorgeous.

debi said...

Loved the hydrangeas!! I really want to plant some...there is a type that is called white lace or something similar. I too love them.

I just spoke with my Great niece about being nervous for school...I wish it wasn't the case, however I told her everyone feels the same....I think it helped!
So impressed your Momma made all the clothes!! Very cool...


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Facebook moms are posting the first day back photos, include Senior year first day. Oh how fast the years fly by!

Happy@Home said...

There is something so elegant about white hydrangeas. I like how you have put the blossoms in the crystal vase and your sister-in-law used them with the candles down the center of her table. So pretty.
Love that photo of you and your siblings on the first day of school. I am most impressed by the fact that your mother made your school clothes.
I hope your grandchildren have a good first day of school today.

Elizabethd said...

What lovely hydrangeas. We have a similar one known here as a 'popcorn' hydrangea!
I wonder if you have a follower button...somewhere?

Just a little something from Judy said...

I do not have a follower button, but I would love to have you stop by this blog anytime. Thank you for your comment today.

Debbie said...

Some of my grandkids started today too and I got similar pictures texted to me. Soo cute. love the one of your fam. My mom never took pics of us going to school, but how I wish she did. I would love to look back on them. I took one of my kids all the way through. They love having them now, though there were years they grumbled about it, haha. The hydrangeas are GORGEOUS. I have never seen ones like that. The white is really pretty! Hope you had a good day!

Linda said...

What a beautiful blog and lovely post!! I popped over from Judy's Front Porch to meet you this evening. I am now going to make sure I find the proper button or link so I can 'follow' you. How wonderful that you and Judy met in 'real life'.....although we all know we are all REAL people!!

Anneliese said...

School starts early there! Always fun to think back on our own memories of this time of year. I remember my first day of Grade 1, first day of school in Canada as a 10 year-old and my first day of high school.
Isn't it funny how you can remember what you felt - looking back at an old photo?


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