Saturday, August 24, 2013

This was the scene on my gas stove early this morning because...

...this was the view from my kitchen to the table, where six hungry mouths ate the many slices of French toast.

And this is the decoration on my kitchen island all week.  Their organized mother packed their clothing for five days in big plastic bins, including labeled plastic bags within the bins.

You see, our five grandchildren have been staying here since Wednesday, while their parents were on a business/get away trip.

We have had a wonderful, busy week, but right before my husband fell asleep on his recliner for a brief afternoon nap, I made him(ask him politely:) to reach into the old crock and pull a name.  I kid you not, he was almost asleep.  Here is the name he pulled out;

Congratulations Debi! After he pulled her name, I went to her blog for a visit.  As I read it, I thought to myself, now I know why her name was pulled.   I read that four hours before her second granddaughter was born last week, her cousin called to say she unexpectedly lost her dear husband in death.  Can you imagine the emotions Debi is dealing with right now?  Really, I am amazed that my husband drew Debi's name, especially after I read her latest post.

You can find Debi at her inspiring blog filled with photography, family, beauty, and words that always touch my heart with each visit.

I want to thank each and every one of you who commented on my previous post, via my blog or through emails.  I appreciate you, and was reminded again of how different each of our life journeys are, and the circumstances we all find ourselves facing.

I want to also thank my niece again, for her lovely necklace.

6 comments: said...

I'm so sorry I missed your last posting, I just read it, and the right person won that beautiful necklace!! I lost a dear friend to cancer last night, she was 56, and it was a relapse of breast cancer from years ago, but she went to heaven within 5 days of diagnosis. We never know, do we. All of life is such a gift, and each day is special!

debi said...

Judy my heart is full. Thankful for the beautiful gift you are sending me.

I am most thankful for all I have learned about you and your family through your blog. I aspire to be more like you always. You are a beautiful example of a Christian woman, wife, mother and of course friend!

I love ya!



Stacey said...

Judy, it looks like so much fun to me to have the littles there. :) The french toast looks yummy too.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

It was wonderful to see five happy grandchildren 's faces at your table, Judy! Congratulations to Debi on winning such abeautiful necklace! Your niece is very talented.

We had sad news, also, last week. My son-in-law's 35 year old brother passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. We were all in shock! We never know when the Lord will call us home.

Happy@Home said...

Your grandchildren look very happy to be staying with you and enjoying that scrumptious looking french toast.
I am sure your (well-organized) daughter and her husband are so thankful for the opportunity to get away knowing that the children are happy and in good hands.
Congratulations to Debi on winning the lovely necklace.

Anneliese said...

Oh, you have your hands full! Isn't it something to think about that for your daughter this is every day! It's so nice that you can give her a break...and it's a good feeling to still be needed and be able to help.


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