Thursday, August 29, 2013

A fun and colorful birthday celebration for a special, one year old boy.

The sea and it's creatures were the featured theme of the dinner.

Toys from the grandchildren's bath toys, were used for color.

A frog mug was filled with red roses from the garden, and gummy sharks scattered about.

A container of bath squirters from Walmart was the reason for the theme choice.  I found the container in the shampoo isle.

I made a big bowl of blue Jello, hoping it would resemble water.  When it was firm, I placed the washed bath squirters on the water.  I stuck one candle into two gummy sharks, to keep it from falling.  I added crushed graham crackers on the bottom plate, hoping it might resemble sand.  I placed a few of my own bath toys on the sand.  I served Jello and vanilla ice cream as the dessert.
My son-in-law said it tasted like something from Rita's.

His sister offered to blow out the candle.  Next year he might not be so kind:)

We are so thankful for this little guy.  He adds fun and laughter to our family.

Thank you for joining our party tonight.  Every birthday needs to be celebrated, however simple that celebration may be.


Judy said...

And how did he get to be one so quickly? It looks like the perfect birthday celebration for a one-year-old!

Happy@Home said...

It seems like you were just announcing his birth. They really do grow so quickly.
This looks like a very fun and colorful theme for his first birthday party. Happy Birthday to him.

debi said...

That blue jello was something else...You are the best Gram ever!

He really is adorable, can't believe he is one already...where does the time go?



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