Thursday, February 9, 2012

In my continuing to clean and organize, I discovered this picture that I had saved from a past magazine, using an wooden sewing machine drawer.
It reminded me of my own old wooden drawer in the attic.

I took the three old jelly jars that I had purchased at an antique mall, and decided to use them with the drawer.

In the corner of my bathroom, I sat the drawer with the jelly jars.
It was the perfect way to hold some of my needed supplies.

I find it much better than having these items loose in my cupboard.
A simple idea using items from long ago.
Do you think that the dear lady who stored all her thread and needles in this drawer at one time, could have ever imagined that someday, years in the future, some lady would use the same drawer to store items, on her bathroom vanity?

Yesterday's snow added so much beauty to my early morning hour today.
As the sun now rises, the snow continues to melt.  Like so many things in life, here today, gone tomorrow.


"Very early" morning quiet,  beautiful snow scenes in front of me, a cup of hot coffee, and some deeply treasured time to read... are all some of my very favorite things in life.

Just a little something from me today!

Thanks for stopping by!  Remember..."old" is good!


Happy@Home said...

I enjoyed reading your early morning thoughts as I sipped my morning coffee, Judy.
You have found a most beautiful new use for the old drawer. It's so pretty painted white.
Speaking of white, your snowfall is also beautiful. We haven't even seen a flurry here this year so I did enjoy a glimpse of yours.

Crickit said...

The old glasses in the wood box look perfect for your bathroom accessories. Hope you enjoyed your quiet morning with your cup of coffee.

lindsey said...

That is such a clever idea and very pretty too. I am sure you will have plenty of people wanting one for a gift :)

Judy said...

Always something special over here! Love your vanity storage idea.

Our snow from mid-January has still not totally disappeared. But it is not so pretty your morning dusting!

corners of my life said...

Great idea for your little drawer.

I call that "shopping at home".

debi said...

As a So. Cal. girl, I enjoy "looking" at your snow :-)

What a cute idea for your drawer...

I really do feel "comfy" when I visit your blog, thankful for you!


Lovella ♥ said...

I just love taking something old and finding a use for it in today's world...completely different from it's first purpose.
Your idea today is so clever.


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