Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dear Friends,
I am sure you are probably puzzled as to why the owner of this blog, chooses to change the banner picture as often as she does? You might be wondering as to why wouldn't she keep the same picture for at least a few weeks?  Well, you see I am the type of person who would love to redecorate her home once every few months, change the paint colors, change the furniture arrangement, change the lighting fixtures, just because I enjoy decorating and change in this area of life.  But, since that is not possible at this time, I have fun using photography to change my blog banner.   So thank you for giving me the privilege of fulfilling my desire to create change, in this way.

Guess who is coming for the weekend?
Their parents are celebrating their 8th wedding anniversary.
We are looking forward to a fun, busy weekend.
I can guarantee you that I will not be changing my banner picture again this weekend:)

...because I won't have time to make changes to anything.

Hoping you find time to enjoy some of your favorite things this weekend!

9 comments: said...

oh you're going to have so much fun this weekend, and so are the little ones! I'm thinking you will be ready for that recliner when they vacate it! :)

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Your changes are always so beautiful as are the sweeties you are spending the weekend with!

lindsey said...

You certainly wont be changing your banner this weekend! When I clicked on your blog this morning the first thing that went through my mind was how welcoming it always does look welcoming but today even more so.Have a wonderful weekend with those 'lovelies'...I know you will!

Love Being A Nonny said...

We have ours for the weekend blog changes here. Adorable pics!

Happy@Home said...

I always enjoy the opportunity to see the changes you make to your blog. Each one is beautiful. I particularly like this one. The background is so pretty and the photo looks so warm and cozy.
Love the picture of your grandchildren with the big happy smiles. They are adorable and I know your weekend will be busy, but filled with fun and beautiful memories for all of you. You set such a fine example for those of us who have yet to become grandmothers. I am taking notes. :).

Lovella ♥ said...

I love redecorating too and coordinating photos with design. My problem seems to be lack of time...but I think I need to get on that.
I can see you will be busy and have no time to redecorate this coming weekend. Blessings on you for watching your grands so that the parents can feed their marriage.

Judy said... will have such fun! They are so their matchy outfits.

Your header is always lovely!

Miss Gracie's House said...

I often say that is what I like so much about is like re-decorating...but...without having to move furniture!
Your little people are are going to have so much fun!
I just wanted to drop by to say *hi*

momof3girls said...

Looks like a fun high energy time to be had at your house!!!!! I laughed at the girls stretched out in the recliner. So cute!!!


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