Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Do you know what I would like for lunch?"
No, "what would you like?"
"Let's make toast with an egg in the center, like my dad taught me to make."

I was quite impressed that his dad had taught him this skill.
I pulled out my tin heart cookie cutters and two slices of frozen bread.
Carefully and slowly, his little hands pushed the cookie cutter.
Immediately, after completeing the job, he asked if he could eat the two cut out hearts?
I wondered if his dad taught him that too?

We put the eggs in a skillet and broke an egg into the center of each heart.
We(I) sprinkled some salt lightly on the bread and eggs and he asked to sprinkle the black pepper:)
We covered the skillet with a lid and waited until it was done.
I placed the finished creation on a plate and added a red candy heart.
He looked at it and asked me, "MawMaw, does that mean you love me?"  I quickly affirmed his sweet question.

Moments like these, will not last for too long.  I treasure them all in my heart.

"It's the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary."  ~Paulo Coelho

I know that I showed you the heart cookies my neice makes, but I wanted to share a picture of a plate of cookies that her mother brought to church on Sunday.
What a masterpiece!

One of the highlights of my "Super Bowl Sunday".
More beautiful in my mind than any of the half time features of the game.

Yes, it is the simple things in this life, that really matter.

Thanks for stopping by.


Judy said...

Those cookies are a real work of 'he-art'!

What a fun lunch his dad taught him to make!

So true...it is those simple things in life...the moments shared and the sunsets at night...that make life extraordinary.

lindsey said...

I agree that is impressive that his daddy showed him how to make the egg in the toast....so good to have fathers cooking with the children. Your niece certainly is very talented and I enjoy seeing those beautiful cookies!

http://bitsandpieces-sonja.blogspot.com/ said...

Have you ever seen a better looking egg on toast? I haven't!!

The cookies are amazing, just beautiful.

But so is the egg! :)

Love Being A Nonny said...

Love those simple things too! Adorable LITTLE!

debi said...

I love when Dad's teach ;-)
I will have to try those with the older grands...

Started following your daughters blog and I love it!!


Debbie said...

The egg in the toast is quite impressive, and looks really yummy...and those cookies....oh my!

a woman who is said...

Sweet fun with your grandson. The cookies are amazing.

corners of my life said...

Egg in the Middle
A favorite of mine growing up and a favorite of my kids as well. How fun to make them a grandchild!

Jeane` said...

Mom...Thanks so much for making what he's been begging me to make for a week (somehow pouring cereal seems a lot less complicated). I it meant alot to him and it's yet another great memory you are making for him. Love you!


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