Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cleaning, organizing, getting rid is all part of my mission since New Years.
This is the glass cupboard in my kitchen.  Most of the dishes are old and have come from special people.
I enjoyed cleaning each piece and remembering it's history.  I am surprised how dust can settle in cupboards even when they have glass doors.
The dish detergent, vinegar, and hot water, sure did make the pieces shine.

This set of old dishes was given to my from my oldest daugther.  She found them at a local flea market.  They add a touch of color to the white bead board.

I got this piece from a flea market.  Can you tell me why this cup has two handles on it?

The tiniest cup and saucer from my one grandma.  I wish I knew the history of it.  All I remember is that it was from her grandma.

These crystal goblets were my mother's.  She only used them on very special occasions.

During the Christmas holiday, I took this picture of my friend's china cupboard.  Her blue and white dishes look so pretty against the green and white decor.
Dishes and crystal...they have always been a part of my life, and I never tire of seeing everyone's pieces.
Thanks for stopping by this evening.
Do you have an interest in china and crystal?


Debbie said...

Yours is just beautiful...yes, I LOVE china and crystal and have a fascination with them both. I love knowing the history behind them, and the more family memories that are tied to them the better. Enjoy your day...

Happy@Home said...

It seems as though a lot of us bloggers are feeling the need to clean and organize after the holidays. I spent the entire day doing that and it feels so good to have everything neat and clean once again.
I loved this close up view of the pretty dishes in your glass front cupboards. Each piece is not only beautiful, but the memories make them even more special. Is the cup with 2 handles for soup?

irene said...

greetings from Canada, This is my first time commenting.
I enjoy all your ideas on little inexpensive gifts and decorating. You are very creative.
I think that the cup you are wondering about is a soup bowl but I may be wrong. God bless.

Judy said...

A beautiful glass cupboard...filled with precious things! I too have many pieces of china and crystal that I treasure...only because they remind me of people who are dear to me. I much prefer those kind of pieces to expensive items from a china shop. I also have one cup and saucer set, where the cup has two handles. I don't know the story behind it.

Crickit said...

Such beautiful pieces and what wonderful memories are behind some of them. I also am on the organizational warpath.

Best Wishes as you clean and organize! :)

lindsey said...

You have some very pretty crockery and glassware

Christine said...

This is what I found about the two handled cups:
"The porcelain was brought back from China in leaky old wooden ships. It was American Clippers and earlier than that, East Indiamen from Portugal, Holland, England and Sweden.

To keep the expensive tea dry they needed something that could stand water to put in the bottom of the cargo hold and it was there the porcelain came in as a perfect merchandise. But, as the 18th century went along the potters and the traders invented more and more different shapes until we ended up with the 19th century dinner sets with literally hundreds of pieces with one special shape for every conceivable purpose. They even made trays to put under spoons.

And that is where two handles came in."

You have some really beautiful pieces.

Just a little something from Judy said...

Thank you Christine, for that valuble information. I appreciate your kindness.

Love Being A Nonny said...

According to Miss Manners, at luncheon clear or cream soups are properly served in a double-handled bowl to allow for sipping as an alternative to spoons.

Just thought I would share!

Bev K said...

I was also told that my 2 handled bowls were for serving boullion or clear soup which was often a first course for dinner. I love the goblets. My late MIL was a collector of old dishes and glasswear and I'm lucky to have inherited some of it.


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