Monday, January 30, 2012

All of our overnight guests have left.  The house is unusally quiet. 

The weather the last few days, is certainly not typical of what our usual winter weather is.
In fact lately, it seems like the spring time of the year.
I took this picture from our porch.  There were four robins on the tree when I took the picture.  With the warmer, sunny weather and the robins on the tree, I had to remind myself that it truly is the end of January.

We said good bye to our smallest visitor yesterday.  We miss her already.  It sure was a pleasure to have her and her mother here for an extended visit.
I feel like I have been out of the blogging loop for so long, and look forward to catching up on my visits.
But for now, we are enjoying a quiet evening.
Thank you for stopping by.   Are you experiencing winter weather now?


Love Being A Nonny said...

oh my goodness, precious!

Happy@Home said...

It must be hard to say goodbye to your guests, especially the littlest one. I love her little ponytail. So sweet!
I'm glad that you are now enjoying a quiet evening.
Your photo of the robin is really nice. I saw a robin today too. Our weather is also springlike.

Judy said...

It feels peaceful over here...and quiet. I'm glad you had such a good visit with your daughter and your sweet granddaughter!

Robins already? None to be seen from 'my front porch' as yet!

lindsey said...

Well its pretty chilly here in the UK, no snow where we are but apparently it is on its way. I love your photo's, you capture your thoughts so well. Its always mixed feelings when the family leave isn't it? So nice to enjoy some peace and quiet but oh how we miss them too :( The main thing is we are so blessed aren't we...our God is an amazing God. Enjoy your peace while it lasts ;)

Debbie said...

Good morning! It's funny how quiet the house is when company finally leaves...I bet you will miss yours. That little one is soo cute. It is soo totally springtime here too. We have been in the mid to upper 70's most of January. Personally, I would love a little winter! Have a good day...HUGS said...

The blessings of the ful house, and then also, the blessings of the quiet house. Both seem to have their place, don't they?

Life changes when our kids have their kids... our focus is always on those little ones these days. We sound like the 'boring grandparents' I used to label. It's not boring at all, just another chapter. :)

Your pictures and sweet thoughts are always such a treat!

Nanette said...

I know how you must miss those two!! What a sweet picture of that growing little girl! I was just out walking the puppies in the park and saw daffodils and robins! I had on long sleeves but now changing to summer t-shirt! Just a beautiful day. My thoughts are in Burke, VA this hour.....


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