Thursday, January 26, 2012

I discovered these small white tiles in our attic.  I bought a sheet of rub-ons at A.C. Moore.

I rubbed them on each of the four tiles.

Just what I needed.  A set of tile coasters.

I took one of the extra smaller rub-ons and made a tiny tag to tie on the gift.
Raffia and a piece of evergreen and I had the finished gift.
Cost...$1.79(since I already had the white tiles)

Truly, just a little something for you today.


Happy@Home said...

Now that really is just a little something ... something simple yet beautiful, which seems to be what you excel at. Believe it or not I have never even done a "rub on". Sad, but true. I must get to the craft store and give this a try. Do they still adhere if they get moist from a cold drink?
Your new header is sooo pretty. Makes me want to go dig out my Valentine's.

Just a little something from Judy said...

To Happy @ Home,
My husband was concerned that setting hot cups of coffee on the design might not work. I tried that today and it did work for these tiles. I am not sure how the design would last with the moisture from a cold drink. I think maybe a coat of acrylic spray would make it better. I have used that before in other projects, and it has lasting effects.

Judy said...

The sweetest gift...and another craft inspiration from your blog.

lindsey said...

Such a simple but clever are so creative in your projects, and a perfect gift for some blessed person!


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