Monday, December 12, 2011

I thought you would enjoy seeing a few pictures from the fun baby shower I attended on Saturday afternoon.
It was for my neice and her much anticipated little girl, to be born in February.
Lots of pink and loads of creativity produced a memorable event.

The shower was given for my dear neice(on the left).  What a warm, gracious "mother-to-be" hostess she was!  Here she is pictured with one of her pretty sister-in-laws who kindly recorded each special gift.  I know I say it often on this blog, but really, it does seem like yesterday that I was holding her in my arms as a newborn.  The pictures are still fresh in my mind.  I am so happy for her and her husband!  After years of raising three daughters of my own, I know a bit of the happiness that is in store for them, as they anticipate their daughter's birth.

The colorful table.

The artistically decorated food table.
These tiny shells were filled with vanilla pudding and whipped cream.

The elegantly decorated cupcakes, with touches of glitter provided the perfect centerpiece for the food table.

This was one of my favorite gifts that she opened.  Why?  Because I am a grandma...that's why!
I really appreciate that you stopped by today. 


Anonymous said...

Oh, things look so lovely at the baby shower. I love the details, the little desserts look divine! Just my kind of sweet treats! Best wishes to the family!

Debbie said...

If someone gives my daughter a little onesie with that written on it, it will be my favorite too! :D
What a wonderful celebration for a new mom. I remember my showers and how many nice things I got. I think I began to really connect the dots on my first pregnancy when I began to handle the little things my baby would wear and touch. Sweet!

debi said...

Loved the cupcakes!!

Judy said...

So sweet...the decor and the treats! And sweet that your niece will be welcoming a baby girl soon.

Love that little I can identify with as well!

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

Those desserts looked toothsome! And what a special way to celebrate the arrival of a new princess!

lindsey said...

This looks wonderful...those cupcakes are amazing. Very pretty young mum too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting Aunt Judy! Thanks for all that YOU did as well to add special touches to the shower! Love you


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