Saturday, December 17, 2011

I needed a dessert for a Christmas dinner tomorrow evening.  It had to be something I could make ahead and it had to be a quick, easy, and delicious recipe.  I remembered a dessert my mother used to make for some of her dinners years ago, and it was always a hit with her guests.
The two ingredients were Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers and whipping cream.  The recipe is on the bottom of the box.

I stored this mixing bowl in the freezer for a few hours before whipping the cream.  I whipped 2 cups of whipping cream in the bowl with the mixer on high speed.  When it started to thicken, I added 1/2 cup of powdered sugar and 1 1/2 teaspoons of vanilla.  I continued whipping until peaks formed.

I spread 1 1/2 teaspoons of whipping cream onto each chocolate wafer.  I then stacked them on edge on a platter forming rows.

This is an easy process.  It has a yule log look when it is finished.  I covered the whole thing with more whipped cream until all chocolate is covered. 

To add a festive touch, I cut red and green gumdrops into pieces with my kitchen scissors.  I cut up little chocolate bars and alternated the candy down the center of the log.

At this point I lightly covered it with plastic wrap and will refrigerate it until needed tomorrow evening.
The key to having this dessert taste amazing, is to make it at least one(or two) days ahead of time.  The longer it sits in the refrig, the better it tastes.  When ready to serve, I will slice it horizontally.
It is a delicious recipe for the holidays.  Now, instead of making a dessert tomorrow afternoon, I can take my nap instead.  Happy me:)

This is my beloved manger.  It was in our home when I was a little girl, and every year my mother would set it out in our living room.  Everything about it, including the straw, is the same as back then.  I treasure this quaint little manger.  Seeing the lit star at the top of it, reminds me of one of my very favorite Christmas carols..."Beautiful Star of Bethlehem"
by Christmas Song

I want to share the special words to the song;

"O beautiful stare of Bethlehem
Shining far through shadows dim
Giving the light for those who long have gone
Guiding the wise men on their way
Unto the place where Jesus lay
O beautiful star of Bethlehem
Shine on

O beautiful star the hope of life
Guiding the pilgrims through the night
Over the mountains 'til the break of dawn
Into the land of perfect day
It will give out a lovely ray
O beautiful star of Bethlehem
Shine on

O beautiful star of Bethlehem
Shine on us until the glory dawns
Give us a lamp to light the way
Unto the land of perfect day
O beautiful star of Bethlehem
Shine on

O beautiful star the hope of grace
For the redeemed, the good and the blessed
Yonder in glory when the crown is won
Jesus is now the star divine
Brighter and brighter He will shine
O beautiful star of Bethlehem
Shine on

O beautiful star of Bethlehem
Shine upon us until the glory dawns
Give us a lamp to light the way
Unto the land of perfect day
O beautiful star of Bethlehem
Shine on

O beautiful star of Bethlehem
Shine on" little star continues to shine from the wooden manger, on my living room end table. 
This evening I am so thankful for that star, and that it continues to shine in our world today.

Thank you for stopping by tonight!


Patty Marker said...

That dessert looks so Christmasy it's hard to believe it was so simple to whip up. (no pun intended.) Have a wonderful Christmas celebration. Patty

LisaShaw said...

O precious Judy, I have missed you my friend and what a beautiful Nativity. It made me cry. I shared about mine in my post as well and my Grandma's. Sadly I don't have photos of hers and I don't know who ended up with it.

Beautiful memories...

On another note, WOW, I wish I could have indulged that home-made whip cream of yours on a slice of one of my Grandma's sweet potato pies! :)

I pray a beautiful Christmas and New Years for you and your entire family dear friend. Thank you for being a blessing to my life. I love you.

lindsey said...

Well I cant believe that desert!!! Just my kinda thing :) Lovely post...enjoy your dinner!

Happy@Home said...

After a busy week, my visit to your blog this morning was a calming break from all of the hustle and bustle. The music is so relaxing and was the perfect background as I read the words to Beautiful Star of Bethelehem. Your manger holds such precious memories.
I am amazed that two simple ingredients could produce such an elegant looking dessert. I must give that recipe a try.

Kathleen said...

I feel like I've been to the North Pole every time I drop by here! I can almost see little elves scurrying about to bring you a measuring cup, or a stretch of ribbon. What flare you have for all things classy (rhymes with "sassy") ...

A blessed & joy-filled Christmas to you, dear friend.


P.S. I loved being included in your Christmas Card list; and so enjoyed your family scenes. Thank you. said...

Beauty and grace... the first 2 words I think of when I visit your blog, each and every time, and even better, the love of Jesus is felt behind each sharing on your pages, Judy.

I'm so glad I found your blog, you bless, encourage and challenge my creative gene as well. The most recent being a size 0-3 month t shirt for our new baby coming in April, with the ' that's it!... I'm going to mimi's!' words which I've already painted onto the front with hearts. :)

Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!


Lovella ♥ said...

It has been years since I made this...but I'm thinking now how much the little kids would enjoy this...well me too!
Beautiful decorations on top. I love that.

Crickit said...

The dessert looks so festive and beautiful! I am sure it was loved by all.

I also love your nativity and that it was in your home as a child. Really special! :)

Judy said...

I remember enjoying that dessert many times in years gone by...but had forgotten all about it. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing the words to 'Beautiful Star of Bethlehem'. Beautiful.


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