Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In order to spread some Christmas cheer this holiday, we paid a visit to the local retirement village.  We wanted to say "Merry Christmas" to the little one's Great Grandma and her friends.  We are so happy we went, because the village was so beautifully decorated for Christmas.  In the chapel this gorgeous pointsettia tree was at the side wall in the chapel.  It's vibrant colors must have caught everyone's attention, as it did ours.

Great Grandma was thrilled to have these little ones visit her. 

The Santa collection was donated by one of the residents, and they fascinated these children.

How nice it was of her to share her collection, to be displayed in the various visiting rooms of the lobby.

The ornately done Nativity sets were also viewed with quiet admiration, by each of the children.  I saw at least four different sets on display.  I wondered what was going through this little one's mind as she stared at the precious manger scene?

"Frosty the Snowman" smiled from his seat on the old wooden sleigh, and was happy with the kisses he received from the children.

The winter wonderland display,  with skaters and sledders also captivated them.  The temptation to touch was almost more than they could handle:)

The old train circled the stone wall.  Round and round it went.  Each car was filled with different products, including loads of small Christmas trees. 

I can't imagine the joy it brought the residents as they heard these little ones wish them a "Merry Christmas"(at my instruction, of course).  They told this lady that Santa might come to see her:) 
Young ones and older ones in the same setting, at two totally different points of life, sharing together for a few hours on this day, less than two weeks before Christmas. 

Hope you enjoyed their festive visit.


Happy@Home said...

A heartwarming post which beautifully illustrates the true meaning of the Christmas spirit. Often the elderly are so alone at this stage of life. I know the happiness and wonder the children provided brightened up the day for all of the residents. So sweet, Judy. Thanks for sharing this special time.

Debbie said...

Your story of visit and the joy brought to the residents by your small friends was wonderful. But when accompanied by the beautiful music in the background, it was even more wonderful. Kids make things special. Seeing it through their eyes is something I look forward to. I thought they did a great job of not touching. I believe the eldest daughter looks alot like her mater from behind. :D

Lovella ♥ said...

That is such a wonderful thing to do with children. It brings back memories of me visiting the retirement homes. .singing german hymns at Christmas. The words come flooding back at the reminder.

Debbie said...

Oh what a wonderful thing to do! I love watching young ones and the older ones interact. I am sure they got so much pleasure watching the kids. They really had some cute decorations. Glad you shared this!

It is nice now to put your name with this blog. I so like to visit here! : )

lindsey said...

Oh those are photo's you will treasure Judy. How beautifully the retirement home is decorated too.
Our Great Grandma will be staying with us in a cottage near our daughters this Christmas...the twins love her.
It is so good that they all get time to spend together isn't it?

LisaShaw said...

What I most love about this Judy is the love extended from the children to the elderly. Beautiful family that you have dear friend and beautiful hearts!

Love you!


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