Saturday, December 10, 2011

A touch of nostalgia on this Saturday afternoon.  Discovered this calender in one of our cupboards.  It was my grandfather's calender that he received from a local business way back in 1932.

It's unique colors and design has weathered many a year.

I bought this pack of Old World Christmas ornaments replicated from those made many years ago.  Actually the company has been around since 1916.  I clearly remember my mother having some like these many years ago.  I found myself getting sentimental when I bought this box.

A reproduced Christmas card from the Merck Family's Historic Holiday Collection.

I hung this vintage looking tag on a emptied bottle of virgin olive oil.  I will be putting some of my own raspberry salad dressing in it, and giving it as a gift.

Today I am feeling a touch of nostalgia as I remember back to Christmas's of my childhood.  I think watching our grandchildren anticipate Christmas, somehow takes me back.

Life seems to be moving by so quickly.  Makes me wonder what my grandpa's Christmas was like way back in 1932. Did he think life was moving by quickly back then?

 Wish I could give him a hug today and thank him for all he taught me.  Maybe I should thank some of those important people around me today.

Thanks for stopping by this evening.


Kathleen said...

I immediately think of Norman Rockwell and all the images he's delighted us with over the years. There's just something about a Victorian or nostaligic Christmas that sweeps me away to simpler times.

Such sweet memories ...

corners of my life said...

I love all things vintage. Thanks for sharing.

lindsey said...

I love the Christmas ornaments. This year for the first time and because we will be away for Christmas,we decided we wouldn't have a real tree but because we have some meals happening on before we go away I bought a little fake tree. It isn't like most artificial trees but is like those around when I was small (in the 60's) my daughter said I really should buy old vintage ornaments and so have been looking for some very like your box. Yes they certainly bring back memories!

Melinda said...

I know what you mean--I have had my own issues with past memories this weekend.


Christine said...

What great treasures!
Nostalgia, sentimental even a bit melancholy, when I see keepsakes like these.

Melanie said...

I remember ornaments like those on our tree when I was a little girl.


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